Saturday, October 20, 2012

I couldn't think of a Title....

I just got off the phone with the most helpful TD Bank customer service agent ever! He refunded my overdraft fee without me even asking, and he's setting me up a new account so I can try to keep better track of all of the stupid automatic deductions that come out of the one I have now. 
(I hate paying car insurance for the Jeep I don't even get to drive... arg.)

I miss it! 
(And that corvette in the back is what Trip traded to get his truck.)

The whole reason I had to call TD Bank in the first place is because I'm trying to set up a PayPal account so that I can start shamelessly begging for money from strangers... but I couldn't verify my account because of "insufficient funds." 
I have a bunch of ideas about how to start making some money... but, "you gotta spend money to make money," and that's where the begging comes in - for my initial start up investments!

Now that you're all caught up on my financials... Let's talk about what's happening in the sky tonight!!

from National Geographic -
 "Multiple exposure: an entire night's Orionids near Mount Shasta, California."

I really hope we get to see it from here tonight... but, apparently, there's some tropical storm coming our way and we might get stuck with clouds :(

The sky was amazing last night - I saw some sort of UFO, along with more shooting stars than I've ever seen in my entire life!!

The UFO was just a bright flash of light... but the "flash" lasted for at LEAST 45 seconds and was very low in the sky, flying straight across from west to east...
There was also a very bright light coming from the sea.... sure, it could have been a ship, but I've been here for 9 months now and I've NEVER seen a ship in the area that you can see from my hill - not once.... so I think it was an alien. :)

Speak of the devil.... the rain just showed up. 
Hopefully it clears up a bit for tonights big show in the sky!



  1. Hi Carrie, love your blog, glad I found it! What things are you looking to do for income - just curious, you might be able to talk me into (beg me LOL) for a small donation.


    1. Thanks for reading, Maureen!
      I have a lot of ideas running around in my head... I don't like to jinx myself by sharing my plans here because I feel like some of them have already been "borrowed" by other people once I post them.

      I CAN tell you that I'll need a professional grade camera and some travel money for one idea, for another idea I'll need packaging supplies, and for yet another one, I'll need new clothes!
      Those are my top three goals.... but I feel like I think of something new I could try at least once a week... if I only had some money to start with!

      I checked in on my residency yesterday and was told that I could possibly have it in about 2 weeks - so I'm totally willing (and looking forward to)find myself a job and start saving up for everything I want to do.... but it'll go much quicker and more smoothly if I get some help from generous people!

  2. Carrie, why don't you have your jeep in Belize? Just curious. We might be sending a truck down in December or January, or couldn't someone drive it down for you?

    Also, consider tracking how many readers you have, then get get "subscriptions" or "advertising" from a few sources, like the bars and restaurants that are your favorites. Check out Rebecca's blog San Pedro Scoop, I think she has really gotten her readership up in only a year and there are some bloggers who actually make a living.

    You certainly have plenty of us who enjoy your writing. I know everybody has a blog, I've read several, but the fact it, if you aren't a very good story teller, I won't "tune in". I enjoy yours enough to check every day to see if you have written anything.

    Just a few suggestions. Do what you know.


    1. Hey Joyce -
      Ive been planning on bringing my Jeep down once I get my residency, but I've recently changed my mind because I think my Jeep is TOO nice to bring down here. With our driveway... ug, we'd be putting more money into it to fix it and keep it running than it's worth.

      I'd definitely like to try to get some advertising on my blog - but I"m just figuring all this out as I go along and I have no idea how to get ads on my page yet - I'm still playing with it! I've asked on my FB for help from bloggers who DO know what they're doing... but I havent had any responses yet :(

      I appreciate your compliments and Im glad you enjoy reading my posts!

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