Friday, October 12, 2012

More rain, and Shopping for food in Belize

Ok, so it isn't raining right this second, but I hear thunder in the distance and the sky is thick with dark clouds rolling by....

 From earlier this morning, not quite as foggy right now

 No one's working today, because of the weather, so the goat's barn is at a stand still:

 a second pasture area


I'm still thinking about trying to get down the driveway so I can get to town and stop at the post office, the bank, the Social Security office, go to Smart to pay the internet bill, the food store, and the place where I get my bootleg DVDs... but thinking about the walk back up has me procrastinating pretty hard core.

I've been asked before what kind of stores we shop in for our groceries....

The new Family Shopping Center in Dangriga

fishing poles and crossbows

variety and too many choices... just like in the States

See? We aren't really missing out on anything down here - anything you can find in a grocery store in the US, you can find in Belize.... except good, sliced, meats and cheeses - I've never seen a deli counter anywhere.

Going through  my pictures, I just thought of something to add to my list - Neosporin...  for all the scratches we all wind up with:

Barbed wire.... ouch.


  1. The Pharmacy next to the bike store in downtown Belmopan sells neosporin

    1. Its everywhere.... I just need it to stop raining!

  2. That is an impressive store, it looks brand new? Don't have a nice big brightly lite new store like that in Corozal. Just lots of small Chinese Stores.
    But we do have Chetumal only a few minutes away, with Deli counters you'd drool over. We make weekly runs to get incredible cheeses and sliced meats from Sam's Club....just have to have a good hiding spot in the car or boat.

  3. Yes, it's a brand new store, just opened about a month or two ago. Its run by the Chinese - they built it right next to their small, old store.

    I miss some good, thinly sliced, roasted turkey breast and provolone cheese... Chetumal is a bit far for a day trip :(

  4. The only large Chinese store in Dangriga I was familiar with was the "Gregalizean" over there as you come into town on the right. THe pics you posted of the new one looks even better! We do have some big nice chinese stores in Placencia now, and even a pretty good-size one in Maya Beach. They have everything we need, pretty much, and now we even have a small veg/fruit stand in Maya Beach so we dont' have to go all the way to the village all the time.

  5. I have read your post. most are informative. thank's for sharing & tips. but I am very sad to see your picture. Sounds like the crossbow is the Alabama rig of the archery world. Lots of hype for something that may give you a slight advantage in some situations.