Tuesday, October 16, 2012

MORE things that I miss...

I answered some FAQ's I get asked about moving to Belize back in April, and my response to things that I miss was pretty simple - I miss my friends and family, Philly cheese steaks, and beer options.

I've thought of a few more to add to my list...

1.Concerts - There is always live music somewhere in Belize, so that isn't the issue.... but there's none of "my" music in Belize. On the islands and in the touristy mainland areas you can catch some of the expat musicians doing covers of Led Zeppelin, The Doors, Johnny Cash.. all great music that I totally appreciate, but I've never once heard anyone do a cover of a Faith No More or GWAR song... and sometimes I just miss the hectic energy of a mosh pit. (Fighting to get on the bus does come close...)

I saw GWAR for the first time at the Electric Factory in Philadelphia when I was 14 years old... holy crap, that was 20 years ago... whoa.
Anyway... one of the GWAR slaves came into the audience, picked me up and flung me over his shoulder, and then took me on stage and threw me into a giant vagina.
Since then, I've seen them at least 25 more times over the years... and I miss them. I heard they were just at the Electric Factory last Friday night :(

photo borrowed from Michagansotherside.com

2010 - Me and Eric, after GWAR show

2010 - Me next to Dave Brokie, aka Oderus Urungus, and Evan and Drue

It isn't just the heavy, fun music that I miss - I'd love to catch Don McCloskey again the next time I'm home for a visit. If you don't know Don McCloskey, do yourself an enormous favor and listen to this song, and if you love it (which you will) search for more of his music - you won't be disappointed:

 Mr. Novacaine

2. WaWa  - Only 6 States are lucky enough to have a WaWa, and Pennsylvania is one of them. 
Open 24 hours (most of them) and constantly serving fresh coffee and made-to-order HOAGIES... I definitely miss being able to just run in and grab something quick to go.

3. Delivery - There is no calling for pizza delivery when it's rainy outside and you don't feel like cooking dinner - not up here on this hill, anyway. There are places in San Pedro, Belize City, Belmopan and San Ignacio that offer delivery.... but nope... not here.

 4. Watching snow fall - This is not the same as missing the snow itself - I simply miss watching it fall from the sky. Once it hits the ground, I'm over it.
Ug, and a few days after it falls and it starts to get all mucky and dirty looking and gets all over the bottom of your jeans.... no thank you!

Ok... soooooo... there ya have it - I miss friends and family, Philly cheesesteaks, beer options, concerts, WaWa, food delivery services, watching the snow fall... and I'm pretty sure that's it.


  1. hahaha, I was trying to get my cousin who owns a pizza place in Belize city (the best in the city, peppers pizza) to deliver to me here in the "bush" but he just laughed at me lol i want pizza so bad right now lol

  2. can you make up a pie? And blog it so I know how!!

  3. There ya go, start your own business making pizza's and delivering them, outta do well there.