Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Where I am right now.... I don't want to leave!

I've only been to Hopkins once before... maybe about 3 years ago. All I really remember from that trip is getting our rental truck stuck in the sand and spending hours and hours digging it out, and meeting a woman named Barabara who lived in her old school bus on the beach and sold homemade lotions and clothes.

 the stuck truck

Barbara and the Sew Much Hemp Shop

After being stuck up on the hill for over a week because of the rain, I decided to come back down here to check it out for the night and found an awesome room at a place called Coconut Row Guest House.
I was planning on spending the night at The Funky Dodo, but after seeing Coconut Row, which is pretty much right in front of the Funky Dodo, I just couldn't bring myself to check into the hostel.

 my first glimpse of Coconut Row....

the rows of coconuts, leading to the sea

I assumed that this place was way out of my price range, but I called the number on the sign anyway and ended up getting a pretty sweet deal, due to it being the slow season and all. (Man, I love slow season!)

  view from the sea - I'm on the first floor, right side

the downstairs, outside lounge area

i LOVE all the colors!

2 beds, 2 chairs, coffee maker, small fridge....

nice painting

big bathroom

fun sink

view from my room. LOVE.

I have the beach, the sea, and the hammock all to myself.

I have to thank Trip for allowing me to do all of these things that I do while I'm waiting around to get my residency and start looking for work again. 
He can somehow stay up on the hill for weeks at a time without losing his sanity, but he knows that I'll go completely crazy if I don't get out of there once in a while, and he tries to make sure that we have a little bit of money for me to get away for a night or two when I need to.

And, one last note here before I download the rest of my pictures for the next post - I was under the assumption that the bus going from Dangriga to Punta Gorda was going to go IN TO the village of Hopkins.... but it only stopped at the turn off for Hopkins, which left me with a 3 mile walk into town.

this road, for three miles... do you see the amount of shade offered by the trees??

I walked for almost an hour before a nice guy named Carlos in a big dump truck stopped and offered me a ride. I had only been passed by one other truck the whole time and I was feeling a slight heat stroke coming on, so I accepted.

thanks, Carlos!

my ride.


  1. Love Hopkins! There's a bus to Hopkins from Dangriga that runs 2x a day, so we made sure to time our trip so we could catch that one. Glad you were able to get a ride -- that would be a very hot walk. Blog note: I miss your usual funky font!

    1. I found out about the one leaving from here at 7am.... so at least I dont have to walk all the way out to the highway!
      Aaah.... my funky lettering, I knew I forgot to fix something after I messed everything up and had to start over! I'll get on it!

    2. Yep, we took that early bus leaving as well. Found out it's best to catch it "in town" before the official bus stop as by the time it got there it was absolutely standing room only! Who woulda thunk it?!

      Seems like your font was fine 'til this post. Odd!

  2. Cool. I think I was there last year, this time. And I was the only tourist in town. Very cute little town. I'm jealous...stuck here in da SP.

  3. I love Hopkins/Sittee River area...but I hate that road too! We lost a muffler on that road! I want to spend a night or two over there some time;all we've ever done is go for dinner.

  4. Hello Barbra...It is an old friend who seeks your light and love..Will Thornton from Alpha Farm...Is Steve still in your life? Would like to connect and get some that wonderful healing hemp oil and salve...

  5. I am living in Houston TX now and you can email me at you, Will :)

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