Friday, October 26, 2012

Work and Homemade Health Care

The rain has finally moved out (for now, anyway) and the guys have gotten back to work on building the goat barn and fencing in the yard for the dogs

the goats do whatever they want - they roam around all day and sleep under the house at night. 
Yes.... I have goats living under my house.


The driveway is so bad and so torn up right now that NO vehicle is making it up here... so our workers have to walk all the way down to the village, where we had supplies delivered to, and then hike back up with everything - the cement blocks, 50 pound bags of concrete... EVERYTHING. That's how the entire house got built, actually - from the very beginning they all had to carry tools, lumber, concrete... every single thing you would possibly need to build a house, they carried up here. 
1 mile, 1,000 foot elevation, with unstable rocks, stones, and mud under their feet.

the dogs will still have plenty of space to run around - they just won't be able to run out to the driveway and scare the crap out of people walking by.

Not much is new inside the house.... we still need more rocks to finish the kitchen floor and we're waiting for our furniture guy to deliver another bedroom closet and one more small counter for the kitchen area.  

We still haven't been able to fix (or buy a new) inverter yet, so our electricity situation is still a bit crazy. We can run a fan and keep our phones and laptops charged, and we even have one decent light that we plug in during the day and use for night time... but we can't run the refrigerator or use the vacuum yet. 
Trip can't do any tattoos until we have a  new inverter, either... and I'm itchin for some new ink!!

Totally changing the subject - Trip made some Colloidal Silver.

To make your own colloidal silver you need distilled (demineralized) water, which we have, so far, only found in auto supply stores.

I had no idea this was used for battery maintenance... ya learn something new every day!

 All you need is distilled water, a glass, and this colloidal silver maker thingy... which has 3 9 volt batteries inside and two pure silver rods that hang into the water.

one rod starts collecting bubbles and the other starts "smoking"

All you do is wait, and then test your water with this pretty blue stick Trip has..

they say 6ppm is good - ours made it to 14ppm.

"Colloidal silver has been reputed by various studies to be able to kill over 650 micro-organisms.."

"It has been reported to be effective in fighting against: acne, AIDS, allergies, arthritis, athletes foot, boils, burns, candida, cystitis, diabetes, eczema, hay fever, indigestion, parasitic infections, psoriasis, ringworm, warts and yeast infections."

We mostly use it here to spray on cuts and scratches, burns, or anything that looks like it could possibly get an infection. If Muffin gets a little gooey-eyed, as she sometimes does, usually just one drop of silver will clear it right up. If I feel a little cold or sniffle coming on, a few drops under my tongue help make me feel better without ever getting the full on sickness.

There are many, many websites that claim there are more risks than benefits to using colloidal silver... but I believe that most of those people are just standing up for the pharmaceutical companies and have an evil plan to keep people sick so they can keep selling you "medication" to make you "better."

Who's gona make any money on something people can cheaply make at home??

The same goes for keeping hemp illegal. Sure, they could use it for fuel and stop fighting over oil and quit raping the earth, and yes they could use it to make paper so they can stop cutting down tree after tree... but who would make any money?!? 

Ok... I won't bore you with my "hippie crap" any longer.... enjoy your weekend!!


  1. Hi Carrie - This isn't necessarily about this post, but I wanted to see if you have ever visited the Maya Mountains Research Farm down in Toledo? They have a Permaculture class in February that I might attend. It just seems like something you and your hubby might be interested in visiting or would know something about it.


  2. We just looked it up... I WANT TO GO!!
    It really looks like something you could learn a lot from, I'll have to add it to my "Things that require Money" list :(

  3. If I get to go I'll give you the Cliff Notes!


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