Monday, November 26, 2012

Back in "Business"

Heeeyyyy.... long time no see!

The past week and a half has been ridiculously busy and exhausting - what, with traveling to SEVEN different areas of Belize in only NINE days and catching up on six months worth of drama and life changing events in each others (and our other, non-present friends) lives while Kathy was here.

I totally, totally planned on posting while we were in hotel rooms, but the wifi seriously sucked everywhere that we stayed. (What is with that???)
It worked OUTSIDE of our rooms, barely, just about everywhere... but there wasn't one single place where I could just plug in my laptop and sit on the bed in my underwear (the best way to work, I think) and upload some pictures and bang out a half decent post in any reasonable amount of time.

"Ah, the problems of the white man."  <--- Someone said that to me recently (Roary?) and it made me laugh my ass off - but it also put me in check. That's something to complain about - not being able to get a good wifi connection while you're on vacation??
Guilty..... Shit.

Anyway... it's time to tell you a little about where we went and what we did - are you stoked???
I'm sure you are - so let's get to it.

Oh NO!!!!
This was such an unintentional tease!!!
I'm just now finding out that I have no more free storage space left for my blog pictures!! SHIT!!!
(More problems of the white man!!!)

I'm going to be spending the next few hours trying to learn how to switch my blog pics over from my Flickr account (feel free to give free advice, if you know what you're talking about)

Nothing can ever just go smoothly, can it?!?!

In the meantime - you can check  My Guest Post (part 1) on the SanPedroSCOOP!

I'll be back....


  1. Glad you are back! Yep, the problems of the white man...I feel guilty here complaining about pretty much anything. It could be a lot, lot worse, right?!

  2. Above each image in Flickr is 'share' buttom. Click on this and select 'Grab the link'. Next select 'HTML' and copy the html code with the image size you want. Paste the html into your blog and your blog will pull the image from Flickr and not cost you any memory space.

    Hope this helps,

    1. Thanks, Allan!
      All I've been able to so so far using that method is post one photo to each blog post, and I need, like, 18 in one blog post - but I'll keep messing with me, maybe I'm just missing a simple step.

  3. just repeat and copy and paste for each image, one after the other

  4. same problems going on here with my blogger....but my flickr it's working 4 me!!