Friday, November 2, 2012

In My Own Little World...

I've barely been online at all this week, and if you're one of the (few) people who check frequently to see if I have anything new posted.... I'm sorry for the delay!

I haven't been doing anything fun or exciting, so I'm definitely not holding out on you - I've pretty much just had my head in a book all week.
I guess it's good to "unplug" sometimes...

Anyway, I was in Hopkins again last weekend for a job interview and took a few pictures to share with you.

The Curve Bar at the Sittee River Marina, on the Sittee River

inside The Curve Bar - I love that floor!

A good spot to have a drink and look for crocodiles. 

 The parking lot of full of vehicles belonging to government officials attending a meeting here - looks like I missed an opportunity to snap a picture of Dean Barrow...

The marina is about 3 miles south from the center of Hopkins, where I was going to catch the bus to get home. 
I took a taxi to get there, but I had no cell service to call him and ask him to come pick me up again, so I started walking. (Taking the beach isn't an option because of large sections of mangroves that are difficult to get by)

There aren't many houses down that far (yet) but the ones that are there are beautiful..

this one clearly needs some mature landscaping and a little more character... but look at their view!

I'll take this one.

or this one.

Lots for sale.....

 you can stay here at Villa Verano for $325-$3,250 per night.

I don't know how long I walked for - an hour, maybe - but I was hungry as hell and needed some water. I smelled food and saw this "Open" sign, so I went to check it out

"Joe's Place" and "Open - Come on back" were the only things I looked at...

gorgeous house

awesome pool area

I should have read those signs a bit more closely before I wandered back here... I was quickly informed that the restaurant was definitely not open to the public; lunch was for the guests of the bed and breakfast only.

I started walking again and didn't get much further when one of the fancy minivans that belong to one of the resorts pulled up next to me and the driver said hello, like he knew me. I must not have looked like I recognized him because he told me that we had never met, but that he had seen me and my husband, "the guy with the big beard and army pants," at the resort that he works for a few times.

I'm not going to say the name of the resort because he isn't supposed to pick up anyone who isn't a guest or an employee, but he ended up giving me a ride all the way to Alta Vista and getting me home about 4 hours earlier than I would have if I had waited around to catch the bus in Hopkins - and I felt exceptionally grateful for that because of what a pain in the ass it had been to get to Hopkins the day before...

Long story short - the first three buses passed me because they were full and they really are starting to cut down on standing passengers. Two hours after I got to the bus stop, I was finally picked up by a bus that ended up stalling five times between my village and Dangriga, making me get there too late to catch the only morning bus going to Hopkins... so my choice was to either wait for 8 hours for the next bus, or pay for a taxi. ($70bz, OUCH)


  1. someimes the journey sucks but we are rewarded at the trails end.

  2. When we traveled around Hopkins and PG areas this summer, they were starting the crackdown on standing passengers. There just weren't enough buses! Numerous times people who wanted to board were passed by, and passengers were really complaining. I am not sure if there truly aren't enough buses to go around, or what the problem is, because they could certainly make more fares if there were adequate buses. We were lucky that the worst thing that happened to us was having to sit on different ends of the bus or having three to a seat a couple of times (which they really aren't supposed to do either, but sometimes get away with).

    Sorry you had such a tough journey! It was fun seeing those photos as we recognized a lot of those places from our trip to Hopkins this summer. We stayed at Beaches & Dreams in False Sittee Point, very close to "Joe's Place".

    1. I dont know how anyone can ever get to work on time if they're dependent on the bus system, I really don't.

      Beaches & Dreams looks like a nice place - of course I only walked past the outside of it....

  3. Dang! I hope if you get the job you find an easier and cheaper way to get back and forth from your work!

    1. It's definitely an issue now that I know I can't rely on the bus to stop for me when I need it to.
      Back to the drawing board....

  4. Nice photos,hello from Montreal Canada.