Sunday, November 11, 2012

The Countdown Continues

Only 5 more days until Kathy gets here!!

The itinerary that I was playing with is no longer useful to us because Kathy decided that we're getting tattooed while she's here - so now we're going to do the islands and coastal towns first so that we don't have to worry about keeping our new ink out of the water.
(One night in San Pedro, two nights in Caye Caulker, one night in Cayo, one night in Hopkins, one night in Placencia, one night at my house. Something like that)

We've been talking about getting "bff" tattoos for at least 10 years now... and we finally decided on what to get. Actually, I don't know if we've 100% decided, but I'm pretty sure we settled on one simple word that is very "us," but it will be in the Yucatec Maya language to represent where we were when we got it done.

**** Maybe someone can help me out here - I can only find the word I'm looking for in the Yucatec dictionary, but I'd like to see what it is in Kekchi (Q'eqchi)Maya and Mopan Maya because I know the Yucatec's are mostly in northern Belize, and that's not where I am. Also, I'm just curious about whether or not is sounds better in one of the other languages. If you know where I can find links for those two dictionaries, please let me know!*****

I have to ask Kathy if I'm allowed to put in on my left wrist; "her" wrist.

Christina Danielle Haws

See, about 12 years ago I got a memorial tattoo for my friend, Chris, on my right wrist when she died.
Kathy immediately claimed my left wrist for her memorial tattoo, just in case she dies before me.

Yeah.... we're a little morbid like that.

This will be my 2nd bff tattoo - my very first best friend in the word, Heather, and I got matching tats a few years ago when I went to visit her in North Carolina.
BFF tattoos!