Friday, December 28, 2012

A small stash of Postcard Love

It's been at least 2 months since I've gone to pick up any mail... but here's what I found when I finally got my stash.

A "Hug from Home," a postcard sent by my dad from the town where his mountain house is...
"Under the Red Light" is a great landmark... since it's the only traffic light in the whole county.

The Jolly Trolley
"Located at the only red light in Sullivan County, Dushore, PA, on the site of the former Ben Frankln Store, featuring a soda fountain, sundries, cards, gifts, newspapers, crafts, and a LGB Model railroad to entertain all."

Another "Hug from Home," this one sent by my dad's buddy, Patrick, from another town up in Sullivan County. I've only driven through Williamsport, I believe, but this place looks like somewhere I'd like to check out the next time I get up that way...

Woapalanee - an  Indian Head sculpture carved from a single 20,000 pound Oak tree trunk, guards the entrance to Brandon Park. The sculpture was carved by Peter "Wolf" Toth, October 1990.
The plaque on the bottom of the carving reads: 
(an Indian proverb)

These next ones were sent by Bob (not my dad, the other Bob) while he was in the States for Thanksgiving..
Two from Texas (The Dallas Sunset and a multiview of Cowboy boots, a rodeo, and oil rig, cowboys and an armadillo) 
Two from Florida (The Miami Skyline and one with a map of the state, palm trees, and a happy Sun
Two from Washington DC (The Lincoln Memorial and The White House)

Thanks, Bob!

When I saw this next card I thought, "Another hug from home, awesome... I wonder who it's from."
See... "The Wildwoods," (or just, "Wildwood," as we call it back home) is in New Jersey - only about an hour and a half from my hometown.
It's one of the "Dirty Jersey" beach towns that we'd go to in the summer...
So I was totally shocked to see that it didn't even come from the States.. it was sent from Belarus!

"Moon over Otten's Harbor. Otten's Harbor is located in the back bay of the center of Wildwood. This harbor photo has the moon peering over a commercial fishing boat which is resting for the next day trip. This harbor has boat rentals, jet skiing, fishing and sight seeing. Photo by Cape May County Tourism"

Weird, right??

This is the postage.... from Belarus.

This next card was sent to me from a lawyer in Scotland who enjoys reading, collecting antiques, gardening, and watching the wildlife in her garden - especially the fox that come to visit (I love the personal info people write on the back)

I wish the back of this next one had at least a little bit of info in English on the back, but, alas, it does not. All I can tell is that it's from Roman in Russia, and its a pretty cool .... tree sculpture?

What's inside???

Here's one that I received before (but it's beautiful, I don't mind) from China
The Milou Tower and Zhenfeng Bridge

 Pretty, right?

The stamp on this one is nice, too:

This next one is a multiview of Slovenia...

I wish it had info on the back - that lake is lovely and the town looks so clean!

This last one comes from.... Germany... I think ;)


I have another batch of cards over on the mainland that I haven't posted about yet, and I'm sorry for the delay!! I hope to get them sent over to me here in San Pedro soon so I can give the proper thanks and recognition to the people who've sent them!

Have a great weekend, everyone - thank you for the postcards :)

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