Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Belize Yoga Retreat - The Best Parts

I don't know if my expectations for a yoga retreat were way off or what... but I was definitely hoping for a little more yoga than we did at the one I just went to. Maybe even some meditation or discussions about different postures and practices, or some breathing exercises of some sort.

Maybe something a little more like this 5 day retreat in Kohphangan in Thailand, which includes; 10 yoga classes (5 Ashtanga Mysore Style, 5 Hatha Flow); Daily lectures on theory and philosophy; and an Herbal Steam on Sunday, Wednesday and Fridays. "This unique course covers the basic elements of yoga, including the eight limbs of yoga, philosophy, postures and alignment."
I even heard, recently, about a retreat in Virginia that offers an hour long workshop on the importance of hugging...

I was thinking, too, that the other guests would be more into yoga, but no one seemed that into it, and a few of them didn't participate in the classes at all.
There were also a couple of people around who, I felt, had too much negative, frenetic energy to be hanging around at a yoga retreat where some people had come to "chill out, do yoga, and have peace." (That was my intention for being there, anyway...)

I don't think a "Yoga Retreat" was the proper name for what took place... it should have just been called a "Fun, Fancy, Belize Vacation..... with the option to do some yoga."

There were a few really nice aspects of the retreat, however - one of them being the food!!

Our Welcome Appetizer... Fresh Shrimp Ceviche

Photo by YogaPeach
There was fresh fruit every morning, followed by amazing breakfasts: Slow cooked organic steel cut oats with apples and goji berries; Cinnamon bread French Toast with melted, homemade pineapple or strawberry jam and Agave syrup; Organic oat flour Banana Pancakes with a mango marmalade...

Photo by YogaPeach
 Lunch just consisted of tasty, mid-day snacks: Fresh bread and bruschetta; Veggie Mediterranean Pasta Salad; Shrimp Summer Rolls with Pickled Cucumber..

Mediterranean Pasta Salad
Shrimp Summer Rolls - SO good!
 The dinners were just as delicious as the breakfast and snacks each day... maybe even better, if that's possible: Fresh Grouper with snow peas and a mix of organic red & white quinoas, with sauteed portobella mushrooms, onions & tarragon; An authentic Jamaican dish prepared by Robin (of Robin's Kitchen in San Pedro) that I actually missed out on, but I heard was fantastic; and this phenomenal, Thai inspired Lobster and Shrimp Tempora with an orange ginger sauce, coconut rice, and sauteed kale...

One of my favorite meals
 They even had Thai fortune cookies..

I like it...
Chef Bruce and his lovely wife/assistant did a great job at keeping us fed - and they even served desserts! Pineapple Rum Cupcakes; Bananas Foster with an organic, brown sugar sauce; and what was possibly the best Key Lime Pie with homemade whipped cream and Graham Cracker crust that I've ever tried..

Here's a picture of Bruce and Jane enjoying a night off on the Sunset Catamaran Cruise...

Speaking of the Sunset Catamaran Cruise - that was pretty sweet, too.

I had planned on staying in the villa by myself on the night of the cruise so I could get some of my classwork done and enjoy some alone time... plus, I live here... so I've been on enough of them to know that they're *pretty much* the same thing every time.... but I'm glad that some of the girls convinced me to tag along. (And that's exactly what I did - tag along - so I owe everyone a big thank you for allowing me to do that.)

Here's the Lady Leslie, the 40 foot catamaran, all decked out for a birthday party for one of the guests of the retreat..

We were served beer, Rum Punch, and Panty Rippas, as well as even more food... Cream Cheese covered crackers, Pineapple Salsa with tortillas chips, and, my favorite... Lobster Sushi

Most nights in San Pedro end with a gorgeous sunset, and the night of the cruise was no exception..

A lovely shot of our "boat boys," as I call them.
I think I'll tell you about my favorite part of the retreat in the next blog post... but don't worry, I'm wide awake and just might have it banged out for you before I go to bed tonight!


  1. Hi Carrie,
    I'm guessing that because you came to the retreat for free in exchange for work you may not have properly read/understood the description of the retreat beforehand. Although the yoga retreats you describe all sound lovely, that was not at all my expectation. To my knowledge, all attendees, including me, were incredibly pleased with our experience. This retreat was an experience of a lifetime! We had the option of 2 yoga classes a day, some of which I chose not to do, because that was the type of retreat I wanted--the option to do what I wanted to do.

    1. Great, Susan! Im sure the experience was different for everyone.... as experiences usually are!

  2. BTW: Carrie, this is Susan (I thought my name would appear electronically when I signed out--I'm not much of a blogger). I regret we didn't have more time to interact during our time together. I do hope the new year brings you happiness.

  3. It is so sad you wrote this. The retreat exceeding expectations, was very well put together with a lot of hard work. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity. We all had such a bond and it is hard to believe we did all of the incredible things we did on this trip. I can not believe you did not even think to mention how much was put into this and be thankful for the opportunity. The trip was exactly what was advertised.

    1. Maybe you didn't read my next post - where I use the words, "grateful," and, "blessed."
      Ive already apologized to whomever I may have offended with this post - but, these are MY feelings, and I stand by them.

      I do realize that there was a lot of work put into getting everything together. So much work, in fact, that I thought maybe someone a little less stressed out should have been holding the yoga sessions.

      I actually left a few things out because I thought it would be inappropriate to mention some of them.

  4. We thought you did fantastic, Keli. I mean it. I do just think it's a matter of Carrie's expectations. I thought it was to be a luxury, relaxing, all-inclusive retreat for over-worked professionals, with some yoga - as their hobby (not careers). Also so they could see what Belize has to offer. And that was just what they got. We agreed Keli showed them (and us) a fabulous and exciting time. Thank you for inviting us join you! We are so glad we came!!
    Carrie, it was fun to finally meet you! Best wishes for your New Chapter! :)

    ~ jane

    1. Agreed - Great job, and like I said, my expectations might have been a wee bit high, but I'm sure everyone enjoyed their stay.
      Thanks Jane