Sunday, December 16, 2012

Belize Yoga Retreat. Part 1 - The Resort

If you like my Facebook page, then you know from my status update yesterday that I was getting myself all stressed out while packing for the yoga retreat...

Everything is cool now, though - I found somewhat decent clothes to wear, it looks like I have enough sheets for all of the massages that I have scheduled, and my bags were carried in for me... and while most of the other guests are out snorkeling at Hol Chan and Shark Ray Alley this afternoon, I'm currently enjoying some alone time at the resort,  La Perla del Caribe - 6 miles north of San Pedro town.

Here's a cute little map of the property layout here at La Perla.
Our yoga group is sharing two houses - Villa Opal and Villa Ruby:

The retreat officially started yesterday, but since most people had traveled all day to get down here - coming from Canada, the US, and Puerto Rico, it was mostly just a day for settling in and getting comfortable.

This is the view from BC's bar, where I waited for the boat up to La Perla:

Arriving at La Perla - I love the potted plants on the pier and all of the trees in and around the resort:

The main villa that we're using, Villa Opal, is a two level villa with four bedrooms - each with ensuite bathrooms - two upper level, screened in porches; an entertainment room with pool table; a gourmet kitchen; outdoor shower, and much more. Look here for a full description and photos on their website.

Here's Villa Opal from the pool:

One of the fancy touches they added for our stay -

The living room and a peak into the dining room through that awesome archway 

You should really check out the professional photos on their website to get a better idea of how gorgeous this place is - especially the kitchen. You can find it again right here.

Chef Bruce
...Or check out this youtube video:

The village that myself and five other girls are staying in is Villa Ruby - basically very similar to Villa Opal, except this one has an additional floor which consists of the master suite - complete with rooftop patio and outdoor shower.

 Here's a (bad) shot from the front of the room. Picture a big window behind me with a view of the Caribbean Sea. Out the door on the left, and also on the right, are doors to the rooftop patio...

The indoor, awesome ensuite bathroom with huge, open shower

right behind the curved wall on the left is the open, outdoor, rooftop shower. SEXY.

 Villa Ruby is also a little less personalized than Villa Opal.... there are no pictures of the family that owns it and it just has your basic off-white colored paint on the walls - but spectacular, nonetheless. (It is for sale, fully furnished - let me know if you want info)

I don't know how "one-of-a-kind" all the furniture and decorations are in this villa is, but it all looks very unique to me...

Panda heads?

I LOVE this bathroom sink

I also LOVE this dining room table

Interesting mobile thing..

An old, heavy, wooden door turned into a bad ass table

And guess what I found behind this odd kitchen cabinet....

A PHILADELPHIA EAGLES salt shaker!!! (I am NOT a football fan - but, awwww.... a little reminder of home was really nice to see!)

It's so quiet and peaceful this far away from town...
I don't even know if the road comes all the way up here. I haven't heard a single golf cart since we've checked in, so even if you CAN drive here, the road must not be traveled very often...

Here's Ruby at night...

I have so much more to tell you about - so make sure you check back in in the next day or two - I think I can have one whole post just dedicated to the FOOD we're being served here!

Until next time...


  1. Lol looks amazing!!!! Hahaha the Eagles salt shaker is SO RANDOM. Everything looks sososo pretty and relaxing. Miss you. xo

  2. Awww, hunny - I miss you too :)
    People still SUCK, no matter where you are.... just gotta try to ignore them, I guess... Eh?
    LOVE you

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