Thursday, December 27, 2012

My New Dream Job

After writing my last post and going off on a small rant about companies using planned obsolescence to control the flip-flop industry and keep raking in money, I did a search for "Sturdy Flip-Flops" and found this Flip-flop review

It's a review about men's flip-flops - but that isn't the point.
The point is that I read the section about how they tested the shoes and realized what my new dream job is... Flip-Flop Tester.

This is it - right from their website- OutdoorGearLab

How We Test

We tested these flip flops by wearing them every day for a year. We hiked, biked, and even rock climbed (it didn't work that well). First a little back story:

The main gear editor for this review (Chris McNamara) used to think flip flops were just for the beach vacations. That was when he lived in part of the San Francisco Bay Area that gets fog all summer. (For those who don't know, summer in some parts of the Bay Area often happens for two weeks in May and two weeks in October). Then he moved to a part of the Bay Area that has warm weather all summer. A flip flop obsession was born. There were two main realizations:
  • If you live in a warm climate, you can wear flip flops all the time
  • If you are going to wear flip flops all the time, they need to be a little burlier than $10 grocery store jobs.

So Chris and the Gear Editors set out to find the ultimate flip flop to wear all day everywhere. In fact we are wearing them while we write this review.

Some of the things we did:
  • Bouldering on the beach in Guard Brazil
  • Stand up paddling in San Francisco Bay
  • Bike commuting 20 miles a day for six months
  • Hanging around coffee shops… a lot.
  • Hiking and sailing around the San Juan Islands
  • Beach testing on the North Shore of Oahu
  • Moving between apartments
I totally qualify to be a flip-flop reviewer! 
Here are some of the things that I've done while wearing flip-flops every day for over a year...
  • Walk down the beach and through deeply puddled streets in San Pedro 6 days a week for seven months to get to and from work
If you zoom, you can see the flip-flops
  •  Tried walking down the Hummingbird Highway in the rain, but the flip-flops I was wearing sucked so much that I was better off walking barefoot through Central America than risking an ankle injury
  • Walked up and down the driveway in Stann Creek - one mile and 1,000 foot elevation on a rough, rocky, deeply rutted, unpaved road anywhere from one to five times a week for 10 months
  • Went horseback riding (included a deep river crossing)
  • Hitchhiked and took water taxi's and buses to get around Belize for over a year and a half now...
Seriously - if I'm not wearing flip-flops, my feet are naked - I wear nothing else. I own a pair of rain boots and a pair of sneakers, but I don't wear them. They don't even live with me at the moment. 
Nothing comes up when I Google
"How do I become a flip-flop tester"



  1. Hello Carrie! We met in Placencia and again at Ak'bol, where you insisted I was on drugs. But I am high on life itself, and indeed in Belize for the foreseeable month or so. Perhaps we shall meet again, don't know where, don't know when....

    1. You were SO on drugs - ask your friend!!
      If you're still in San Pedro, we will definitely run into each other again..

  2. my Nike flip-flops have been really really sturdy! I loved them so much I have a pair that I leave here (Belize) and one pair in Texarkana!

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