Thursday, December 6, 2012

Not a bad day....Not a bad day at all.

Today I did two things that I'm afraid of, and I'm feeling quite awesome about it...
I rode a bike and went swimming in the sea by myself.

Yeah - I know that might sound a little weird and boring, coming from someone who's already lived here in San Pedro and did island life for a while... but I've never been super comfortable riding bikes other than in my family's safe, little, horseshoe shaped neighborhood when I was growing up, or behind the same neighborhood on the trails in the woods where there were no cars to drive by and freak me out. 

In fact - since my friend, Chris, was killed while riding her bike in 2000, I've only ridden a bike one time, and that was in my old neighborhood, with my old neighbor, back to our old stomping grounds -

The Fountain

As for swimming in the sea by myself - I've done it before and I'll do it again, but it freaks me out  every time.
It's the sea creatures - the fish and crabs... the jellyfish and sting rays... the sharks, giant octopus, and killer squid...

Anyway, I decided to get on Lara's bike today and head south - knowing that there's nothing much down there and, therefor, no traffic.

I rode for about 3 miles and only almost fell off and died once, when I was confronted with passing a big dump truck while on rocky ground. Everything was cool, though - I made it without crashing into it and even got a few "hisses" from the guys in the back of the truck when they went by. (I don't know how else to describe the sound that men here make when a female goes by... they hiss.)

Here's where I decided to stop and hang out by myself for a while

And here's what it looks like from that nice, private dock..
It's totally for sale - if you're interested I can hook you up with the realtor's contact info..
You just might have to deal with having me on your dock occasionally.

I just sat there and read for a while... I may have taken my top off and gotten a nice tan - I'm not going to say for sure - but I basically just enjoyed a few hours of alone time realized that I really need to own a bike down here so I can bugger off more often.

When I decided it was time to take a swim I headed back up towards Lara's house, where I know there's a good dock to swim from - complete with a ladder to get back out of the water and minimal amounts of sea grass.

And this is where I sat and worked for the rest of the afternoon....

So, yeah.... today was a good day.


  1. you rode a bike! what progress, plus you found my spot on ambergris

    1. I know - I totally want a bike now.
      Maybe Santa will bring me one.

      I was going all the way to the end, but I had to pee so I just stopped at this nice dock - good spot!

  2. Good to see you had a nice, carefree day.. Hope they continue. U've earned it.

    1. I dont know if I've earned it, but I'll definitely enjoy it while it lasts....

  3. Carrie:

    Hook me up with the realtor info if you would - just curious, but you never know ... I'm not sure if I could live on an island though - just not sure if there would be enough area for me to roam. What are your thoughts?

    Mark from Maryland

  4. Here is bike riding advice that saved my life...or at least my skin. DON'T look at what you don't want to hit past the front tire. Only look at where you want to go. I swear. Try it. Try riding in a safe place, find a small rock, look at it and try not to hit it. :)

    1. Huh - I'll try that - thanks for the heads up!