Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Pictures from the past few days....

Nothin here except some pictures.... my brain hasn't woken up all day today, so I'm short on words.


Palm trees are impressive...

Look at this guy - got knocked down, but kept on growing

Fried bacon at the Palapa Bar - friggin awesome.

Doggy hair day with Lara and Luna

Crazy clouds

Lara's deaf and blind cat, Thelma

I totally know what kind of bird this is.... my brain just won't tell me right now.

A rainbow... a piece of one, anyway

The Christmas tree at Lara's. It has a LOT of sparkles...

Just more prettiness...


  1. Carrie - When we were there in January we stayed in the Hicklin House, the brown house right there at the pier for Palapa Bar. I went to sleep everynight looking at the lighted palm trees of the Palapa Bar every night. We loved it so much we stayed and extra night!! And, we loved the fried bacon. Hope you're well.

    1. Niiiiiice - I love that cute, brown house! Maaaaaaan, that could be a dangerous place to stay, though.... being THAT close to an awesome bar... and fried bacon - whoa!!