Sunday, December 2, 2012

Temporary change of location... will be posting from San Pedro for the next couple of weeks... so if there's anywhere you want me to check out or take pictures of for you while I'm here, just let me know. I have lots of time to kill.

Also - donations from here on out will be going to pay for my extra photo storage on Picasa, because Flickr is just NOT working for me. One day soon, I'll be a resident of Belize and I'll be allowed to work again and make some money to pay for my own dam photo storage, but that day hasn't come yet.  (I'm looking at another 3-6 weeks before I get my residency. Sigh.)

So.... anyway. That's whats going on with me today... what's up with you??

And what's up with this - Planetary Alignment - December 3, 2012 - ?

Change, change, change... everything is changing...

How I feel about not being able to upload new photos to my blog posts.


  1. Hi Carrie -
    Check your donation account. Sent some love.

    Have you tried DropBox or Photobucket for picture storage? I have a Photobucket account that has tons of pictures and I haven't paid anything, ever. I just signed up for Drop Box, mainly because my Square Foot Gardening Symposium Peeps had pictures of our class and used the site to share with all of us. Hate to see you pay for something if you don't need can use the cash for Tres Leches cake from Ruby's!!!


    1. Joyce - thank you SO MUCH. I need to meet you and give you an enormous hug!!!
      I have a photobucket account, too, but the link for the photo won't show up when I try to get it into blogger. It just says the link is wrong - for photobucket AND flickr - I dont know what Im doing wrong!
      The Picasa account is only $2.99 for their basic plan, so hopefully that will be enough for me...
      I'm going to keep messing with it for a few days before I go ahead and start paying for the Picasa storage.
      THANK YOU again, Joyce - I really appreciate your generosity!
      Many, many hugs to you :)