Friday, January 25, 2013

What's Been Hiding in my Folders

Sometimes I take a shit ton of pictures and do nothing with them... they just sit around in a folder in my computer, being bored and getting forgotten about.
It's sad, really - so I'm going to give some of them a life here on my blog today.

Stuff I see in San Pedro:

Glen at work

 a wall of conch shells

A pretty path to the sea

 Pelicans.... just hanging out

The inside of the Belikin warehouse

Drunk people at work

a dude with a Didgeridoo

Random animal shots:

 Thelma - the blind, deaf cat being fostered at Lara's house

Twitty the Kitty - the only orange cat with a black nose that I've ever met

 a brave little bird.... he let me just walk up to him

Same guy

The annual Sad Bastard's Christmas Party at Pedro's...

 SO much food

lots of hungry people


The gift exchange

One of my favorite, regular hang out spots...

Average Joe's... they're Canadians, but they're cool

awesome bar food - including these fried, cheesy bacon mashed potato balls

... and the DITCH DOG - one of the main reasons I keep pushing off giving up meat.
A hotdog covered in Mac and Cheese. 

Other random ish...

 Los Caminantes - where you can buy beer and then....

Sit under a tree with other weirdos and drink it

This doesn't look very impressive - but it's the best cookie EVER. 
If you're cool, ask me about it and I'll tell you where you can get one.

Cool sunset-lit clouds

Caye Caulker hide out spot

the other side of the hide out spot

Just stewed chicken at Rico's... with a pretty presentation

Well that's all for now - I need to get out of the house for a little while (even if I get rained on) because the construction noise from across the street is driving me mad.

I know some of you have asked to see pictures of how my dreads are coming along - but I don't have any recent pictures yet. I promise I'll try to take a few soon.



  1. omg!! so jealous!! I MISS THE ISLAND SO!! so who found who? eric found you or you stumbled upon him under that tree?... hehe... tell him I say hello. am i cool enugh for a cookie when i come back? i hope to be there within a couple of months... it is sooooo cold here... hopefully we can finally meet face to face....ahh.... dying to go back!!


  2. Nadia! We've met before, you silly. You started talking to me at Caribbean Villas one Sunday and introduced me to Raymond :)
    Yes, though, we can totally meet again when you come back!
    I think Eric had come into Pedro's while I was working and then I walked down to Los Caminantes with them for a few beers before heading the rest of the way home. It was a good night - one of the few times that Eric didn't annoy the hell out of me!