Saturday, February 2, 2013

How I spent my week... and my Saturday night

This week started out pretty friggin sweet...

There were a few post cards waiting for me when I stopped at the post office on Monday (so there will be another post card blog soon, for those of you who are into it) and - even more exciting - my flip-flop shipment had arrived!  (... Oh... didn't I tell you, I actually got My Dream Job!!!)

The 'flops

 Tuesday was just a chill day off, Wednesday was a nice, easy night working at Pedro's, and on Thursday and Friday I worked my new job at The Black Orchid Spa.

2nd floor, Vilma Linda Plaza
I love a nice fish pond
reception and waiting area
homemade soaps. lotions, skin products
Massage Room 1 - aka "my office"
Massage room 2
the desk.... where I spend most of my time

rainy day view of the road below

breakfast of champions from Mesa Cafe downstairs
I'm so happy that the Mesa Cafe is, like, right there. I had heard such good things about it, but had never stopped in before Thursday... now, I think I'll end up being a regular.  I'm dying to try their Coconut French Toast for breakfast one day, and the BLT made with turkey bacon for lunch...

The spa is also located dangerously close to Wild Mango's, so I finally got the Chef Salad that I've been craving for a few weeks now on Friday...

Grilled chicken, lettuce, cashews, pineapple, papaya, avocado, beets? I don't know WHAT is all in here, but it's amazing
Today, Saturday, I did a lot of cleaning around the house, got drenched taking the laundry off the line when another rainstorm struck, and realized that my bathroom products all belong in the kitchen...

coffee grounds, cucumber, baking soda, coconut oil

Coffee grounds (with a little bit of coconut oil) as a body scrub and exfoliant
Baking soda for whitening teeth, and for a facial scrub
Cucumber as a toner
Coconut oil for moisturizing face and body

I think it would be slightly inappropriate to post pictures of myself performing the coffee grounds and coconut oil body scrub, but here's how I use the other, natural products to clean my mug.

 1. Put some baking soda into a small bowl. About a tablespoon or so should be plenty

2. Add a few drops of water to make a milky paste.

3. Give yourself a scrub with the mixture. You can either rinse right away, or, if you have time, let it sit on your face your skin for a few minutes.

You'll know it's dry when it goes from looking like this

To this:

4. You can either go really, really simple and just rub a few, thin slices of cucumber on your face (don't rinse) and let the cucumber work it's magic - (they contain vitamin C,  silica, and magnesium) OR you can fancy it up a bit and make yourself a cucumber/honey toner by just blending half of a cucumber with one tablespoon of honey, putting it in a bottle, and using it as part of your daily routine. (keep refrigerated.),

5. Once your skin is dries naturally, use just enough coconut oil (because coconut oil is the best stuff EVER) to massage into your neck and face and, voilĂ  - you're done.

Maybe one day, when I have more free time on my hands, I'll tell you about the tomato and sea salt mixture I use as an alternative face wash, or the brown sugar and coconut oil lip scrub... but I basically just told you about them right there - so I'm sure you can figure it out for yourself.

I believe that using chemicals on your face (including make-up) will make your skin look old and gross eventually.... and the chemicals that you use on your face to help make you look younger probably give you cancer.
Just a thought.

Do you have any all natural recipes for me to try?
Something made with papaya, perhaps?
Leave it in a comment for me to test out...


  1. I love that you got your dream job flip flops!! I had a pair of Speedo brand flip flops that I loved! My feet are narrow and these were perfect. The had a better sole than most of the cheapie rubber ones. It sort of "cuddled" my foot, had a slight curvature...does that make sense? It looks like one or two of those pairs have a similar sole. Oh, and mine had sort of a fabric like cover because I have worn it away it a lot of places. If one of those seems to be similar, please, please tell me the brand!! I refuse to give up my Speedos - hahahaha.

    Congrats on your new jobs! Looks like you're enjoying yourself in SP.

    Hey, did you ever spend any time at Barton Creek Outpost in Cayo?

    1. I think I have a pair that you might like - but I haven't done the full test on them yet!
      I'll let you know when the review is finished :)

      Never been to the Barton Creek Outpost - are you going there?

  2. Those were some good home made recipes. I am going to use my coconut oil a lot more. I actually bought some while down in the Dominican Republic on one of those day tours, and its been sitting around taking up space. Did you ever use the coconut oil on your hair? It works wonders.
    Thanks for the tips and enjoy your flip flops.

    1. I used to use the coconut oil on my hair before I went with dreadlocks... I still use it on my bangs, though!
      What I REALLY need for my hair is a nice, fat Aloe plant....

  3. I use coconut and olive oil for just about EVERYTHING, and I absolutely love it! I made the "natural" switch about a year ago and will never go back again. I agree with "joyful" that it works great in the hair, as does olive oil. I am in LOVE with the oil cleansing method instead of face wash (half olive oil, half castor oil, with a few drops of tea tree works best for me). I cannot believe I spent so many years putting God knows what into my body via my skin. And all that wasted money......

    1. I'll have to try to your oil and tea tree recipe - I have someone bring down some tea tree oil for me in a few weeks :)
      It's amazing how much money you save by just using the natural stuff - I cant believe I used to spend $15-$30 on friggin moisturizers and soaps and stuff, what a waste!!

  4. Love coconut oil for body product. I keep a spray bottle full. Use Aloe Vera a lot too and have extra in garden if you ever want to start growing it.

    Check this post Hon looking for massage therapist

  5. Yes, Laurie, Id LOVE to get some aloe from you - Ive heard its the best thing for washing dreadlocks and keeping your scalp healthy.

    And thanks for the heads up on the massage job, I'm going to look into it now :)