Monday, February 11, 2013

No Plans..... No Problem

You can always find something to do here in San Pedro, even if you aren't looking for anything to do...

All I knew about this past Friday was that I was going to go to work at 10am. 
That's it... that was the only plan I had for the day. I didn't know if I'd be busy at work, I didn't know what I was doing after work... I just knew that I was going to show up, at the spa, at 10 am. 

I actually got there a little bit early, since I still have no idea how long it takes me to get anywhere, so I went to the beach first and just zoned out for a bit and enjoyed the breeze before heading in. 
Not long after I reached there and got all settled in, I ended up treating myself to, what happens to be, THE BEST French Toast on the island (according to me) from the cafe downstairs.

The Coconut French Toast from the Mesa Cafe...

along with some coffee, of course...
Ok, so.... French Toast topped with bananas, cantaloupe, pineapple, and shaved coconut.. YUM
I hung around the spa for a few hours after having my phenomenal breakfast ....I gave myself a pedicure while browsing through Facebook and Pintrest, and then went to the bank to deposit my check.... but there was one problem -  it was FRIDAY, and, unless it's a dire emergency,  you do not go to the bank on a Friday in Belize. Everyone and their mother is waiting in line to cash a check on Fridays - it's horrible. (especially the last Friday of the month, FYI.)
I ended up getting to the bank, seeing the line, and then turning right-the-hell around and stopping in a few stores on my way back. (I'm looking for some new clothes - just new shorts and a few shirts - but I can't find anything I dig....I did, however, find a yoga mat for $22.50bz at Caye Supply, so that was pretty sweet.)

I went back to the spa and hung out for a while again, then decided to go up to the roof to get some sunshine for a few minutes and took a few pictures from up there, specifically for you people....

San Pedro Roman Catholic Primary School
more of the school
the school basketball court - Tropic Air and Maya Island Air way to the left
a better shot of the airports

Caribbean Sea and the barrier reef
The (one) girl I hang out with down here, along with her adorable daughter, met me at work when I got done at 5. We were supposed to go shopping together (we had texted earlier in the day) but it was such a nice day out.... I wanted to get "just one drink" before we started our mission to find me some decent clothes.

We went to a new bar on the beach - right in front of the Tacklebox - called Luna Loca

I love the colors and the comfy feel....

The view from the cozy couches...

After we decided that shopping was no longer on our agenda, we settled in here for a bit until it was time for her to take the kid home, and then I wandered down the beach until I ran into someone else to hang out with (which isn't hard to do here)
I found a Rasta guy that I know here (not a true Rasta - that's just what everyone with dreadlocks is called... even I'm called Rasta here) and we walked up to Wet Willy's for a drink, and then, somehow, ended up finding ourselves at the San Pedro Lions Club (no website?) for Friday night Bingo.... Weird, right?

We actually showed up halfway through a game, so we just watched until someone won, and by that time I was totally over it and didn't want to play any more... but I was at Friday night Bingo for a bit.

it was actually pretty busy

this guy was all Bingo'd out
After ditching Bingo we just walked down the beach again and picked up a few more drinks until I got to my cut off - and saw about four or five sting rays just hangin out near the beach...

As I started making my way home, I ran into someone else I know and was invited to tag along to go to a wake for the young guy who was recently stabbed to death inside (or outside, depending on what story you read) the Daddy Rocks Night Club. Here is the response by management about the incident

I don't know if the words "friggin awesome" are appropriate to describe a wake.... but, honestly... I had such a good time there.
It was clearly a celebration of life and not a mourning - The road was blocked off and tents were set up in the street and people were playing drums and maracas; dancing, singing, drinking, and just enjoying their time together. One guy was walking around with a 5 gallon water jug filled with Rum Punch, just filling everyone's cups as they needed it.

This wasn't a - walk in, pay your respects, you're out of there in 45 minutes type of wake that I'm used to in the States, either - I was told that it started around 6pm and would be going on until daylight. (I was there from around midnight until about 3 or 4am and everyone was still going strong when I left)

I wound up chillin by myself for a bit while my friend went to pay respect and play drums, and I must've looked out place, being the only gringo on the block - so this young girl (15) came and sat with me and introduced herself and we talked for a while. (And now I love her - what a sweet, friendly chic)
Anyway, at one point she had asked me if I was going to go see the body and I said no.
She told me that that was good, because if I did go see it, I would have to cut off my dreads. (She didn't know why I would have to, exactly, and neither did my friend when I asked later, but she knew that it was part of the Garifuna tradition to do so)
She also told me that she couldn't go see the body, either, because she had her period, and that if she did go see it, the spirit would haunt her.

 - - - Another thing added later, when I asked about all of this, was that if you go to a wake or a funeral and you see the body of the deceased, you shouldn't go right into your house when you get home if you have a baby or young child inside - you should stand outside and let the spirit blow away so it doesn't follow you in and haunt the kid. (don't quote me on that - but that's what I got out of the story I was told)

I love not having plans.

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