Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Just the moon, hangin out

I'm just seeing if I can actually post a blog- with pics- from my new iPod...

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

I get around - Part 4

From Belize City to Cayo.... and some stuff in between.

I haven't spent any "real" time in Belize City, I've always just been passing through on my way to somewhere else, but here's what you see when you show up there on the water taxi:

the Baron Bliss Lighthouse

 part of the Tourist Village

 Heading west out of Belize City, on Mile 29 of the Western Highway, is... THE ZOO!!
(for a bunch of good zoo pics, check out my posts: The Belize Zoo, SO MUCH cooler than I expectedThe Belize Zoo, Part 2, and A week with the 'rents - Belize Zoo and Altun Ha)

 even an amateur photographer like myself can snap a great photo of Jr. Buddy

feed the Scarlet Macaws for a small donation fee

I've spent a LOT of time in Belmopan - the capital city of Belize:

Independence Plaza

City Hall

Formosa Cafe -a great spot to eat

Belmopan bus terminal

a sweet place to swim in the river

Just outside of Belmopan, heading west, is the village of Roaring Creek.
I've killed time here at the river and hung out with some very nice locals while doing so...

I've seen pools specifically designed for exercising horses, but this was the first guy I ever saw actually get in and swim WITH his horse...

I've spent a decent amount of time in the Cayo district - I used to get my dreads wrapped by a local girl in Santa Elena - the same town where I hung out at a butcher shop and watched a pig's intestines get ripped out of its body. (I'm telling you, I could write a book about all of my experiences down here - and I'm GOING TO.)

San Ignacio is more well known to travelers than Santa Elena, even though they're "Sister Cities," right across the river from each other. I guess that's just because there's more to do in San Ignacio - they have a big market, a new, big welcome center, a lot of places to eat and drink, and a larger ex-pat community.

The Hawksworth Bridge

The main part of town, getting ready for Independence Day 2012

the market on a slow day

plans for the welcome center - I hear its up and running now

Mr Greedy's  - just one of many good places to eat and drink
(I dont think I took this picture... so sorry for not having the correct credit, but I think it came from TripAdviser)

random graffiti in San Ignacio...

 The ruins of Cahal Pech are right in San Ignacio town - not as large as some of the other Maya sights, but worth checking out if you're in the area:

view from the parking lot

 My sister, Lisa

Going out of San Ignacio and continuing west on the Western Highway....

Rumors Resort...

Horseback riding with Hannah Stables...

Giddy Up

400 acres - so gorgeous

Unexcavated ruins on the property

with a view of Xunantunch

I've done the trip to Xunantunch about 4 or 5 times already... and each time, for some reason, I get closer to having a panic attack when I'm at the top. (Not as much as when climbed the High Temple at Lamanai a few weeks ago... but close to it)

Kathy returns in TWO days!!!

AMAZING view from the top

The last stop in my "tour of Cayo," is the village of Benque Viejo del Carmen - the western most town, bordering Guatemala:

Aaaaand that concludes "I get around, Part 4."
Up next will be, "I get around, Part 5 - The Islands!!"