Saturday, April 6, 2013

Punta Gorda... Waaaaaaay Down South

Ok, I still can't do fancy things like circle something specific on a map - but if you look under the most eastern part of Mexico, you'll see Ambergris Caye/San Pedro (where I live)
Ok, look over at the mainland of Belize and follow it south down the coast, you'll see Punta Gorda down there, almost at the very end of the country.

It took an hour and fifteen minute boat ride (it was the day after Easter and the island was emptying out, so they had express boats going straight to the city, without the Caye Caulker stop) and a bus ride that was a little over six hours long to get from San Pedro to Punta Gorda.
I'm not gonna lie - it was a rough ride, especially towards the end. 

I didn't do any touristy things while I was there - I was traveling with a local and hung out with a PG family - so I'm not here to report on the best place to eat or stay if you decide to go visit, I just have some pics to share. 

that first building is a hotel, I believe, with a view of the Sea across the street

Bigger than it looks from the outside, my home for two nights
I'm not sure how many people actually live here because there were so many relatives coming and going all day long, but I want to say there were about 12 people sharing 4 bedrooms and a living room.

I spent most of my time here with these three sweet girls...
(I'm always more comfortable hanging out with the kids at family gatherings for some reason)

A walk around the neighborhood....

 back by the Tropic Air airstrip

indoor basketball court

the James bus terminal

post office

I don't remember what this place is called, but there were two gringos in there... 
so it might be a tourist spot

tourist info center

the market area

behind the fish market

completely drunk by 10am, this guy stumbled on the one inch curb and went down hard

Central Park

I love this clock!

Freedom Fighters Bus Stop and Rasta Man Drive
I love it

Rose's is the one place I DID eat at - only because I've been craving lasagna like mad lately.
It wasn't bad... not great... but totally edible.

cake in plastic bag!

I had a really good time but, honestly, because of the bus ride, I am in no hurry to get back down there any time soon. If I go again, I'll break the trip up a little bit by stopping for a night in Belmopan, and maybe even another night in Placencia on the way down.
Either that or I'll save up money to fly - that bus ride was really tough to get through.

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