Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Im a big sissy

I totally planned on jumping in at the swimming hole in Belmopan on Sunday.... but I totally wussed out once I got up there.
I overthunk it!!! Too many "what if my foot slips off the rock, I don't jump far enough, and I break my head open??" thoughts went through my mind.
I've jumped off of cliffs in North Carolina and PA, and I've jumped out of an airplane, for cryin out loud, but I could NOT bring myself to jump in here.

                  Gettin ready....

Taking a closer look....

Waiting for words of encouragement ...

Telling everyone, "sorry, can't handle it"

I watched about 8 boys jump - but one guy, Raphael, was in the same boat as me. 

He didn't do it either.

Here's some pics of the boys who were showing me how it's done...

Yeah, whatever, show off.

Next time- I'm jumping!!!! 

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