Sunday, May 19, 2013

Midas Resort

I hope this works- I still don't know if posts from my iPod ever make it to all of you out there in cyber world, and ever since I busted up two of my fingers OVER A MONTH AGO, my laptop has just been sitting around, collecting dust.

Wait... I didn't tell you a busted my fingers? So I probably didn't tell you about my second trip to Lamanai, Kathy's visit to San Pedro, or the new puppy, either, eh?

I suck - but I'll get back to all of that in good time. For now, I'm just posting about the Midas Resort in San Ignacio, where I stayed last night.

This is the main building- the bar is on the first floor verandah, in front of the large pool... which I don't have a picture of because, like I said, I suck.

The dining area- serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Going back to the cabin area.. 

            i love the glass blocks 

Inside the cabin- totally cute n comfy

Mi no wah go home- but it's time :( 

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