Monday, May 27, 2013

So. Much. Pain

I had to go see an old lady about the stomach pains I've been having for a few days.... Why an old lady and not a doctor? Because old ladies are smarter than doctors. Duh.

Now, I've never had a baby, but what I was feeling is pretty much what I imagine contractions are like, and it sucks. A lot. 

I walked into her tiny home and told her my symptoms, then she had me lie down on her bed and started poking around my lower belly area.

Apparently, my womb dropped.
I didn't even know that was possible... but, yeah, that's what she said.
I asked how that happens and she told me it can be from lifting something too heavy while you're having your period (sorry, male readers. Deal with it)
I'm thinking lifting cases of beer at work last week were what did it to me, then.

Anyway, she rubbed my back and my sides for a bit - taking time out to stir whatever she was cooking in the corner

Then she really started digging into my belly and, well, lifted my womb back up and tied some fabric around me to try to keep it in place.
I was instructed to come back in a few hours and just lay down all night... so I went to work and, luckily, was able to get my awesome co-worker to cover for me. 

The, normally 15-20 minute walk home ended up taking me close to an hour because it seriously hurt so bad to move. ( I had taken a taxi to get to work, but the bumps were unbearable, which is why I decided to walk back home.)

When I finally reached, I rested for a while and then went back over to Anty Maly's for a second "womb lift," and have been laying in bed for the past 18 hours or so. 

I guess I feel a little better. My pain has moved from my lower abs to right around my belly button, and it comes and goes instead of hurting for a straight ten minutes like it had been.

****Update, 31 May
Feeling 100% better, worked a busy night last night (Chicksn Drop at Wahoo's) and, have been told that the medical term for my condition is called a " prolapsed uterus."

Oh, and my visit with Anty Maly only cost me $5bz. 
That's $2.50us.
How much would a doctor in the States charge me if I went in about some stomach pains???


  1. Um, I honestly doubt your "womb dropped".The uterus is held in place by extremely strong ligaments that must be strong enough to hold a growing baby...or more than one baby. If a womb could drop that easily there would be no female power lifters--I routinely deadlift 150 lbs and I knnow many women who lift more than that.
    However, you might have a hernia. Hernias, when left unattended, can be life-threatening due to strangulation of the intestine. I would get it checked out.

  2. Someone I know had a prolapsed uterus - and you would know if you had that. And you would run to a doctor.

    And I dont think someone just pushing up on your stomach would solve that issue.

  3. Agree with ^, however, I do not think that you necessarily meet the criteria for uterine prolapse. read on:

    What causes uterine prolapse?

    The uterus is held in place within the pelvis by a group of muscles and ligaments. As these structures weaken, they become unable to hold the uterus in position, and it begins to sag. There are several factors that may contribute to the weakening of the pelvic muscles, including:

    Loss of muscle tone as the result of aging
    Injury during childbirth, especially if the woman has had many babies or large babies (more than 9 pounds)
    Other factors (Obesity, chronic coughing or straining and chronic constipation all place added tension on the pelvic muscles, and may contribute to the development of uterine prolapse.)