Wednesday, July 24, 2013

My First Stitches

I dropped a beer bottle on my foot at work last night and it smashed and sliced me open pretty good.

When I woke up this afternoon, my toes were all sticky and blood covered, so I went downstairs to see my landlord and get his opinion on what to do....
He called me a taxi and told me to go see a doctor.

At 35 years old, I got my first 5 stitches!

So, here's the part I'm writing for the people who ask questions about the cost of medical care and stuff down here:

The doctor visit, stitches, and tetanus shot cost me $50bz ($25us) and the prescriptions for Amoxicillin, ibuprofen, and Tramadol cost $29bz ($14.50us)

I'll spare you all the gore- but I just walked home and realized that it started bleeding again....

It's totally making me nauseous and I know I shouldn't be moving around too much because the cut is on a very bendy part of my toe... So I'll just be home, resting and trying not to look at it.
Cleaning it tomorrow is sure to make me throw up.

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