Sunday, August 4, 2013

Costa Maya weekend in San Pedro...

So, pretty much all I can tell you about the Costa Maya Festival weekend in San Pedro is that its absolute madness...and I'm happy that its almost over. 

The "important" part of the festivities- the crowning of Miss Costa Maya, happened on Thursday night, when Belize's own Destinee Arnold won the title.

I've had nothing at all to do with the pageant or the parties- but I'm still totally effected by the hugeness of the event. 
For example- the bar I usually hang out at, Luna Loca, has been holding their own Costa Maya party, and I can't get anywhere close to it! 

This is how it looks, from the outside, right now:

I guess there's no more room to stand inside, so all of these people are standing on top of their privacy wall. 

This next picture was taken from Wahoo's, which is about 4 buildings away from Luna Loca, and about as close as I got to there yesterday:

See? Madness. 
And it's all locals- all the tourists here on the island just kind of walked through it and got right the hell out of there (like me) 

The traffic on the island, and the garbage, is also about 80 times worse than usual...

The other crappy thing, in my opinion, is that those of us who work here in the bar business, are MUCH busier than usual this time of year, but we aren't making any more money because MOST Belizeans don't tip us for our service! (That's been my experience, anyway- I made lass than 10% of sales in my tip jar at the end of my shift on Friday night, which SUCKS)

If I was forced to name one good thing about this weekend, it would have to be that there are a lot more vendors around, selling a few things that aren't normally here, like these matching anklets I picked up for me and the BFF for only $5bz:

There are a lot more food vendors, too- so I was able to grab some yummy barbecued chicken on my way to work today:

Parties just aren't my thing, unless I'm behind a bar and have my own, decent amount of personal space.

One really fun thing for me, though, is the excellent people watching going on this weekend.... although most of what I see- girls wearing next to nothing and dry humping each other or grinding with some dudes, and girls as young as TWO twerking and dancing like they're in a music video- is somewhat disturbing. 

I'm including an instructional Twerking video, so you know what I'm talking about:

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