Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Here, have my food

I was sitting on the sidewalk at the beginning of Front Street, across from the Chocolate Botique, just enjoying the shade and eating my Chorizo Scramble from Mesa Cafe... 

A guy I know walked by me and commented on my odd choice of spots to have lunch, and then, after taking a closer look at my food, decided he wanted the same thing. 
He left me to go to the cafe, then came back a minute later and said that they were closed already- so I gave him the rest of mine. 

Not too long after that, I started my shift at Wahoo's and bought Empanadas from the empanadas man:

$3bz for 6 empanadas with the spicey onion slaw- SO good.

I had eaten 2 of them and was feeling pretty full, so I gave the rest away to a local guy who said they smelled good.

Last night at the park I bought two hot dogs for a guy who I know to be homeless, and gave all the change in my wallet to Rasta Robin so that he could get some food for himself. 

If you're ever hungry in San Pedro, just come find me- its apparently a new hobby of mine to feed people. 


  1. Great method to avoid weight gain also !

  2. Paying it forward is always a great thing...especially when it comes to food. I'll be in SP by October 1, permanently. Looking foward to meeting you in person. Hope life is treating you kindly.