Monday, September 9, 2013

$25bz per day budget, Day 1

Small coffee and a Johnny cake for breakfast- $4.75

       Very filling for a tiny sammich

Box of tampons and bottle of water- $11
(I've been saying for YEARS that feminine products should be free since we dont really have the option to use them or not unless we want to sit in a hole for a week)

That leaves me with $9.25 for dinner, which will either be an $8 baked potato from Caliente (overpriced) or a $6 bacon chicken cheese burger from the park after work. I could even do a LARGE order of stewed chicken with rice and beans and a fried plantain from My Secret Deli if I feel like taking a walk there before my shift.

Day one, success.

Two things I forgot to consider, though, are that I want to finish getting my dreads wrapped ($30bz plus tip) and take a trip to the city next week to check out my friends salon for a much needed pedicure. 

Hopefully I get a visit from a generous tipper at the bar this week so I can still do both, otherwise, I'm beat!! 


  1. keep it up. I did for 35BZE my 1st 6 months here.


  2. Hey lady, I'll be in SP on Sunday 22, or Monday 23. (I'm taking a Cheesemaking class at Cave's Branch prior to that) I'll be picking up my keys to the house and getting an idea of what I need to bring down immediately and getting utilities squared away. I'll fly out Tuesday morning back to Vegas. Then I'll be back permanently in a week or two after that. I want to take you to lunch or dinner on Monday, 23rd. That will stretch your budget! See you soon!

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