Thursday, September 19, 2013

An amazing night in the jungle

If you've been following my blog for a while, then you know how much I love Ian Anderson's Caves Branch Jungle Lodge.

I've only been there a few times - once was to meet and have lunch with Ian, once was to just bum around at his pool, once was to do a cave tubing tour with my sister, and the last time was to pick up some goats for the farm that I was living on.

This time, though, I got to spend the night in one of their sweeeeet Jungle Suites, soak in the hot tub in the rain, and try more of their amazing food.

leading up to the lodge

it just blends right into the jungle
(that sun glare doesnt help much, either)

the dining hall

nice river and pool view

hmmm, a bit blurry, but you get the idea - 
the trail to my suite

it's about to get really good....

everyone loves a good hammock to relax on

two hammocks are even better

All of the suites and bungalows have beautiful murals -

and the artist painted a cute little self-portrait as a signature on all of them

so much space - and all you see out of the screened windows is JUNGLE.

an outdoor shower - possibly my favorite thing ever

getting naked with nature.

the indoor bathroom isn't too shabby, either

I also have to say that they have some of THE most comfortable beds in Belize - maybe it's because I usually stay in hotels that are a bit on the cheap side... but damn, it's hard to find a good bed around here. 

Added to the coziness of the bed were all of the open windows and sounds of the jungle with an all night rain storm... I slept like a champ.

Before I headed back to San Pedro the next day, I got to take a tour of one of the Riverview Treehouses - located 75 feet above the Caves Branch river.

Don't worry about having to walk up and down every morning for breakfast, if you stay in one of these suites, they'll bring breakfast up to you so you can enjoy it on one of the verandahs

the outdoor shower in the treetops

the view from the living room

just.... gorgeous

view from the bedroom

the huge, awesome, indoor shower

And outside on the upstairs, outdoor verandah...

your own private hot tub

As with all of my other visits to the mainland, this one really made me miss living in the jungle.

If you want more info about Cave's Branch, or want to book a stay or some tours, you can email me at and I'll give them a heads up that you'll be contacting them - you will love absolutely everything about this place. For sure.


  1. that is so cool... can't wait to check it out. will be in touch when we can work this into our time there. probably not this november. next time tho.

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