Sunday, September 29, 2013

Enjoying San Pedro before I leave

Yesterday was my last day off before I leave the island tomorrow- so I made sure to hit up a few of my favorite bars with some good people..... after watching a few minutes of this baptism in the sea:

I felt kind of bad for them because there has been SO MUCH garbage floating around lately- but they didn't seem to mind. 

Our first stop was the Barrel Bar because, well, I just love it there (as you probably already know from previous posts) but we spent the majority of our time at our second stop- Jolly Rogers.

              The view from our table

              MY view, at the table

        The crew- Eric, Kaine, Cori

Yesterday was Cori's 4 year anniversary in Belize- so Steve and Claire (the owners of Jolly Rogers) hooked us up with some sushi, and some delicious, sticky, nutty, "special" fudge:

                          So good

                         SO good

I had been napping on this table, but I woke right the hell up for a bite of the fudge. Yum.

We left Jolly Rogers after a few hours and headed north for one last stop - at the Palapa Bar, where we stuffed our faces with pulled pork sandwiches and onion rings, and, of course, some Cherry Bombs (cherries soaked in Bacardi 151) 

I don't have any pictures from this portion of the night because I was just trying to concentrate on staying awake and upright- which I totally managed to do! 
I also managed to not lose my flops, which is something I do pretty often.

Even though I'm itching to get off of the island for a few weeks, days like yesterday remind me about why I'm coming back - sunshine, good bars, good people, and the Caribbean Sea- which I never get tired of looking at. 

I'll try to post this week from Playa del Carmen- my first stop as I make my way back home. 
Let me know if there's anywhere that I NEED to visit while I'm there- it's my first time :)

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