Sunday, September 8, 2013

September Celebrations.... Kind of quiet

I was surprised at how quite it was in the park this afternoon....  And by quiet I don't mean "not loud," because the music is definitely a bit deafening- I just mean there were barely any people there to watch the bike race get started. 

             Trying to get organized....

I don't have any useful info for you- like why they're racing, how far the race was,  or where exactly the contestants rode to, but I DO know that the winner gets a new bike. 

          And they give out trophies

I only stayed long enough to watch them get started because it was quite hot out there in the sun and I'm not feeling too great (either because of the drinking I did this past week while my friends were in town, or because I've been in a funk for over 2 months) but I think I saw pretty much everything I needed to see.

                         Lined up

                         Coke tent 

                    Food vendors

           Little girls dancing on stage

Even though I buggered off, I happened to be on Front Street when the winner came down the final stretch:

               This guy right here

All in all, I found this event pretty UNeventful- even the few people that I talked to were disappointed in the turn out. 
Where's the love, San Pedro? 

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