Sunday, September 8, 2013

The "sorry your room burnt down" gift bag from Ramones and my new $25 a day budget

As you ALL know by now, there was a huge, destructive fire at Ramones resort almost two weeks ago:

        Picture from San Pedro Sun

I was working that night, so I didn't get to go check it out or join in the bucket brigade, but I did get to meet some of their displaced guests when they came to check into the Spindrift Hotel and ended up hanging out with one of them later in the week. 
On her last day on the island, she gave me the "sorry your room burnt down" condolence bag that Ramones provided her with:

Toothpaste, a toothbrush, dental floss, Tylenol, Alka Seltzer, body lotion, band aids, q-tips, soaps, tissues, men's deodorant, and a bag of mixed nuts. 
(Thanks, Samantha- most of this is going to come in quite handy)

Now that Sam and my two friends have left me, I've decided that I need to detox my liver from all of the beer, rum, and tequila that I drank this past week, and put myself on a strict, $25bz per day budget- technically starting tomorrow, but I felt it out a bit today.

Not counting the $100bz per week I pay for rent (I'll show you the kind of place you can get for that amount of money in another post) or the $90bz per month that I pay for my Smart mifi, I don't think it'll be too hard to stick to. 

Today, for example, my lunch only cost $5bz, and that included a large, $2bz bottle of water.

      Salbutes- $1bz each- I had three

I also spent $2bz on a can of cream soda, and another $5 on a shot of local rum to add to it at Luna Loca, and a $1bz tip for Shaggy (the bartender)

I skipped out on dinner tonight because I generally only eat once a day, anyway, but I still had $12 left in my budget that I could have spent on something healthy- like fruits and veggies, or on some empanadas or street meat of some kind.

I'm not gonna lie- I find it somewhat difficult to get by on this island, especially this time of year. ($6bz in my tip jar yesterday, $15bz in it tonight) so I NEED to make this budget work for me since I don't have money coming in from anywhere other than my bar job at the moment. 

2 more months until busy season- wish me luck! 

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