Tuesday, November 19, 2013

October 2013.... Durham, NC & Washington, DC

Moving right along (hehe) - I flew out if Cancun after my three nights in Playa del Carmen and went to Durham, North Carolina to see my two BEST friends, ever- Heather and Kathy.

(Heather lives in Durham, and Kathy drove down from PA to come hang out for the weekend and to fit in a little road trip time with me while I was home.... 
Kathy is, right now, on Facebook messenger with me, helping me to piece together this trip.) 

So- Heather picked me up at the airport and we went back to her house to meet up with Kathy, who had beaten us there by, like, 5 minutes. (Fantastic timing, ladies)

The sunset at the Raleigh/Durham airport

We hung out at her house for a few minutes and then headed out for dinner and drinks at a nice jazz club in downtown Durham called the Beyu Caffe

My buddies!

After dinner we decided to just go to the grocery store to get some beer for the night and some food for breakfast... and while we were there, Kathy and I totally convinced ourselves that we would bake some homemade chocolate chip cookies when we got back.
We bought everything we needed.... and never ended up making them all weekend. 

We did, however, use this fun ride in the foyer area for a photo opportunity:

The next day, according to the order of the pictures in my camera roll, we just had coffee for breakfast in Heathers back yard, where I took this picture of her cute kitten:
                     His name is Guy... and he's so stinkin cute!!

For lunch, we went to a place called The Tavern. I forget what I ate- maybe a pulled pork sandwich- but I remember that is was so, SO good. 

After lunch and a few beers we went back to the house for nap time because.... well, we all like naps. 
That's not weird, right??

The next batch of pictures is from later that night, starting at a place called The Pinhook, which was really cool and looked like it'd be a decent place to catch some live, local music:

             Good local beers, too

Kathy and I decided to go for a walk to find some sushi for dinner and wandered down to a cute little area called Brightleaf Square- "...a unique mixture of restaurants and shops in a pair of historic tobacco warehouses in downtown Durham..."

We got a table outside of Mount Fuji, ate sushi, drank sake, and took pictures of the cool, old warehouses:

We then started to make our way back to The Pinhook, with me totally confident that I remembered the way to get there. 

I was wrong. 
We ended up in some neighborhood and had to back track... it probably took us over an hour to find our way back to Heather.
My bad. 

As soon as we found her, we headed back over to The Tavern again for more drinks.... and ended up with some drunken pictures of ourselves...


I think we went to one more bar after that and then made it safely back to Heather's to crash for the night.

We kept busy the next day- which was our last full day together:

We ate phenomenal barbecue at this place:

                So insanely good

We got pedicures...

We got tattoos at the Tattoo Asylum  tattoo studio

We drank even more beer at the Fullsteam Brewery- which was such an awesome place 

And we had sushi one more time for dinner.... with a bit more sake, at Shiki Sushi

Early(ish) the next morning, Kathy and I started the long ride home to PA, and included a short stop in Washington, DC to see a guy named Andrew who we had graduated from high school with. 

We picked some of this stuff up at one of our pit stops- Turkey Perky Jerky. It was horrible- a major disappointment.

I'm just going to load up pics from DC without much commentary since I don't know what any of these buildings are for, except the White House...

                  DCs China Town

            What's she wearing???

Ok. Whew. That's it for Durham and DC...
I apologize for my half-assed writing but I STILL need someone to help me get my iPod and laptop talking to each other so blogging goes a bit more smoothly - it's annoying to have to scroll through my entire bank of over 4,000 pictures to post one single blog =(

I still need to tell you about:
Bucks County, PA
Sullivan County, PA
Philly, PA
Tulum, Mexico
Corozal, Belize, 
and a few different areas of Costa Rica, so I'll be back with another one SOON.
Get excited.

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  1. Fun! I lived right down the road from Durham in Efland, NC for over 10 years and haven't heard of the majority of places you went to. Durham is pretty cool, but old fogeys like myself don't go to the happening places. Glad you had fun!