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October 2013....Starting with: Mexico

Ok, I got "yelled at" twice yesterday- once in person and once on my blog's Facebook page- for slacking off on the blog updates.... so now I'm going to try my best to remember everything that I've done for the past month or so.
Heads up, though, it's probably going to take more than one post to tell you about everything...

So let's go waaaaay back to, like, August- when I started making plans to go visit my friends and family back in the States.
I knew that I wanted to stop in North Carolina to see one of my very best friends on my way back to PA, but flights out of Belize City to get to either state were friggin ridiculously expensive (like$900!!) so I looked at prices going out of Cancun and ended up getting a multi-stop ticket (Cancun to Raleigh/Durham and then Philadelphia to Cancun) for $383. 
Pretty sweet.

So.... Cancun. Hmmm. 

I'd never been to Mexico before, unless you count the one hour, cross-over-the-boarder-for-a-quick-shopping-trip a "visit to Mexico," which I don' it sounded like a good time to plan a few stops- Playa del Carmen on the way to the States, and Tulum on the way back to Belize. 

I left San Pedro on September 30th with two travel buddies- one who was also on his way to catch a flight out of Cancun, and one who was just cool enough to come hang out for a few days- and spent three nights in Playa with them (along with another girl we met at the water taxi) before heading stateside.

       Just a shot from the water taxi

               Arriving in Chetumal

We took a (land) taxi from Chetumal instead of the bus because, with four of us in the car, it cost the same amount as the bus would have ($25 each) and got us to Playa del Carmen a little earlier. I think it took about 3.5-4 hours, but don't quote me on that- it was like 5 weeks ago and I didn't take notes because I'm a totally unprofessional blogger.

    One of my travel buddies in the taxi

I had been wondering, while driving through Mexico and having to pee really badly, if we were allowed to flush toilet paper there or not (because we don't do that here in Belize, ya know, so that stuff crosses your mind at such moments) and I found my answer as soon as we checked into our room at the Yum Kiin Hotel and I finally got to the bathroom:

                         I love it

When we went into town it reminded me of either a bigger, non-islandy Key West, or a smaller, cleaner, English speaking South Beach, Miami. 
(Even more so at night.)

     Babe's was a great place to eat....

The next day... the next two days, maybe- it's kind of a blur- we spent most of the daylight hours on the beach and checking out different bars.... 

      My other travel buddy. Cute, eh?

          They make everyone smile

I almost forgot about the monkeys and the sand art...

And I definitely forgot about these guys who spin down around this giant pole every night at sunset...

I have a video of it that I'll have to put on my YouTube channel so you can see what I'm talking about- it's pretty cool.
Actually, instead of waiting for me to get around to doing that, you could probably just google, " pole thing in Playa del Carmen" and find videos of that..... or maybe you'll find videos of strippers or something else that you may or may not want to see, I really don't know. Google at your own risk. 

Other than drinking and beachin' it up, we...
Visited Puerto Morelos:

Walked through this very odd restaurant 

Wandered around some fun stores:

And ate some damn good food...

Ok! Yay! We made it through the Playa del Carmen trip!

Now I just have to tell you about:
Durham, NC
Bucks County, PA
Sullivan County, PA
Philadelphia, PA
Tulum, MX
Corozal, BZ,
and Costa Rica! 

I'm workin on it....

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