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October, 2013... Philly, Tulum, Corozal

For my very last night back in PA, I got hooked up with a room at the Holiday Inn in South Philly that had this sweet view of the Ben Franklin Bridge.
(Thanks Ron)

I feel like I've finally arrived "home" every time I see the sports arenas and this brindge when I go back to PA. 

All prettied up - @kathleendaqueen on Instagram

Kathy had been on a business trip in Birmingham, so I had her car and picked her up at the airport at, like, 6pm- and she had to get me to the airport by 4 the next morning, so it just made sense to spend the night in the city instead of driving back to the 'burbs.

Our friend JoEllen came out to see us for a bit... My recollection of the entire night is a little blurry, but Kathy tells me this is what we did:

JoEllen picked us up at the hotel and we went to a pub called Lucky 13 for a few drinks.

I remember that there was a weird sci-if show playing on the tv there until we asked them to put on the Flyers game, and I also remember thinking that the scooter shop my friend Sean works at was right across the street, so I went to go say hi.... but I was wrong and there was no scooter shop there.  (Hi, Sean- I told you you were going to be mentioned in my blog!)

We walked around after being at Lucky 13 for too long and ended up at another bar by the Singing Fountain

              I wonder if that's true

I'm pretty sure we walked around for a while longer, and possibly stopped at another bar, before JoEllen had to leave us around 11 or so, so she dropped us off back at the hotel.... and then, for some reason, Kathy and I went back out again. On foot.

We asked the hotel desk clerk where the closest bar was, but I don't think we ever found the one he gave us directions to. 
Instead, we ended up in Old City, at a quiet bar with the best bartender. I wish I had a picture of him and could remember his name...
I kind of want to call him Michael...

Anyway, Michael was the best because he made us food even though the kitchen was closed, did shots with us, and let us break a rule or two while we were in there. 

The other (two) customers that were at the bar were cool, too. We kept buying each other rounds of tequila back and forth until we finally decided that it was time to go.... or until the bar closed, whichever came first.

We got back to the hotel around 2 in the morning and were both awake for at least another 45 minutes before Kathy crashed out for a power nap and I... I don't know what I did. I probably played Candy Crush or browsed through Facebook or something for the next hour until it was time to wake her up. 

I think I just slept walked through the whole traveling process to get to Cancun, and once I had a cozy seat on the bus to Tulum, I crashed out for a while. I couldn't even tell you how long it took us to get there- I slept through pretty much the whole ride. 
It was great.

I only only spent two nights in Tulum- one night at The Secret Garden, and one at the Maya Hotel- both of them "in town," and waaaaay far from the beach. (I had no idea that the closest beach would be a 15 minute taxi ride away- but it was totally worth it once I got there. And yes, there were closer resorts, but I don't have the kind of money it requires to stay at those places)

Usually, in two days, I can take a ridiculous amount of pictures, but I don't have many pictures of anything but the beach there.  
I guess that's because I only really spent one full day there and all I did was go to the beach.... 

    The courtyard at the Secret Garden
(The only non-beach picture I think I have)

           Where I hung out all day

I totally saw a naked guy at one point- just hanging out on this beach with his family. 
Thought you'd all like to know about that little fun fact. 

After Tulum, I hopped on a bus to Chetumal, and then got on another one to take me over the border and into Corozal, Belize, where I met up with some friends for the night. 

          The bus service to Corozal

I feel like I got pretty lucky with all the traveling I did in October... in and out of four different countries and everything went super smoothly each time... no random searches, no big delays, no probs. very cool.

My friend Bob was waiting for me at the bus terminal in Corozal when I got there. 
I used to go see Bob all the time back when I was living in Stann Creek and he was in Belmopan, but I think he's been in Corozal now since, like, April, and I hadn't been by to check it out yet, so....

First we went to check out his house and put my bags down..

            what a great, big yard

       Blumps all settled in for the night


Then we went for a walk into town...

This is Miguel- he's the caretaker at Bobs house and a few other properties on the street. 

We walked over to a really nice restaurant called Corozal Blues, right on the bay, and met up with my friends Will and Kristin.

          Nice outdoor seating area!

                Will, Kristin, Bob

After lunch (a reeeeaaally good chicken Caesar salad for me) Bob and I went for a ride through town with Will and Kristin and then to see where they're living.

I took a picture of this dog because, as we were driving by him, Kristin said, "that dog is an asshole," and for her to have something bad to say about any animal just cracked me up. He must really be a jerk. 

Going out to the dock across the street from their house

      Sweet moon as we were leaving 

I spent the night at Bobs and then we walked to the water taxi area in the morning, where we found out that the water taxi was closed for a month.... so the options were to either take a 3 hour bus ride to the city and then take one of their hour and a half water taxi rides to the island, or to take a 20 minute plane ride on Maya Island Air, who were offering a pretty good deal on all of their flights in October. 

After two weeks of long road trips, sleeping on couches and in hotel beds, spending time in airports and on planes and buses... I was ready to just get home.

          And I got to ride shotgun

       Home sweet home- San Pedro

I only spent one week back on the island and worked my last few shifts at Wahoo's Lounge before bouncing on out again and going to Costa Rica for ten days....which I'll tell you about in my next post ;)

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