Friday, February 14, 2014

The past few weeks, in pictures

I've been working a lot for the past few weeks (Yay!!) and taking lots of pictures while I do it.... 

Some meals I've made...

Fish filet done Belizean style, with coconut ginger rice and a salad with coconut oil and balsamic vinegar

Local lobster tail with garlic butter, coconut rice with pineapple salsa, and fried plantains

Shrimp and veggie pasta over gluten free rice noodles 

Cheese, fruit, olives and crackers app

                    Conch ceviche

Breakfast potatoes (for breakfast burritos)

Regular and lettuce wraps filled with cream cheese, smoked turkey breast, cucumbers, chocho, carrots, and a local "secret sauce."

One of our great guests making us Banana's Foster for dessert!

Random pictures of the islands we stop at and the things we see while on charter:

-Tobacco Caye:

         Me and Captain Genevieve 

Goff's Caye:

English Caye:

The Drowned Cayes:

St. George's Caye:

Caye Caulker:


   Captain G playing volleyball with some military guys

Random Stuff:

       The marina- Cucumber Beach

              No guests on board...

    Employee field trip to go cave tubing
on our day off 

        Sherman's lucky silver dollar  

            Me, Cappy G, and Allie

         Great day at Shark Ray Alley

I love my job.