Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Flying home, being home.

Before I starting working for the sailing company, I would sometimes fly home to San Pedro and have no idea what all those cayes down below were named...
I still don't know what they're all called, but I can recognize a few now, and that makes me happy...

This is the edge of Belize City (obviously)

This next one is Port-O-Stuck - not a Caye, but a shallow marine channel that runs through a mangrove island called Hicks Caye - this is the best I could find while searching Google:

And here's the view from the plane:

You're probably not as excited about seeing Porto Stuck as I was - there's not much goin on there - but I thought it was kind of cool to see the area I pass through so many times from a different perspective. 

After Porto Stuck comes the private little golf resort island - Caye Chapel:

Then, Caye Caulker:

See the "C" shape at the south end? That's where we anchor. 
Just so ya know. 

It's really really nice to be back home for a few weeks - and since I've been back, I've moved from my little love shack in the San Juan area to a villa just north of the bridge...

Old place, top floor:

New place... all of it:

I miss the love shack, but now I have a kitchen, hot water, washer and dryer, and a pretty decent view from my bedroom:

AND - the new place comes with a dog! I've probably had a few blogs with a picture or two of Luna added before - but here she is in the new crib:

                    With her ducky

She's such a cute little potlicker.... I feel so bad that my cat is such a jerk to her

That's as close as Luna is allowed to get

Here are some random pictures of other things I've seen and done since I've been home...

I've Roasted Brussel Sprouts:

Witnessed a baptism in the lagoon:

Watched this thing (garbage) get closer and closer to shore at Jolly Rogers beach bar:

Went to SAGA, three times, and got way too attached to animals in crates:

Had this guy pose on a palm tree:

Snuggled with Luna:

Worked a day charter over to Caye Caulker with guest from Discovery, Latin America:

Saw some Garifuna drummers on the beach:

Tried, unsuccessfully, to come up with a way to get this sweet piece of wood home;

Had afternoon drinks at Pirate's Treasure - which is a super chill bar and really good restaurant that specializes in Lionfish dishes. If you eat there, you're pretty much helping to save the reef:

Aaaaaaaaaand I took more pictures of palm trees:

I feel like I'm leaving some things out - breakfasts at Estel's, a date day, a date night, chocolates by Claire, sunsets, walks... I must be slacking off on my picture-taking.

Kathy and our friend Jo Ellen are going to be here in, like, four days - I'll try to do better.


  1. Luna is absolutely adorable -- love the ears! Thanks for saving a potlicker!

    1. I did help save her when she was just a few weeks old - but my friend Brandy adopted her :)