Friday, July 25, 2014

That's Not How We do.....

One of my cousins left a comment on a recent Facebook status of mine (do you follow me on facebook?? You can even use that handy new Facebook link I added to the page to get there...)

Anyway - my status update was, "Looks like another hot, beautiful day out there...Maybe I should leave the house for more than 30 minutes today," and my cousin's comment was, "I would always be on the beach on down time and days off."

Maybe that's what you'd do on some other island - but that's not what we do here on Ambergris Caye.
Check out some of these random pictures I've taken on the beach... 

Do you notice how many people are NOT hanging out on the beach in all these pictures?
Tourists definitely spend time on the beach in front of their resorts... but ask people who actually live here if they lounge on the beach every time they have a day off and I bet you 99% of them will say, "Nope."

When I want to "go to the beach," there's only one beach I want to hang out on, and that's a 45 minute golf cart ride away from my house... and I don't own a golf cart, so you can imagine how infrequently I go up there.

One thing I learned quickly when I moved here is that it is quite possible to live on an island and not even put on a bathing suit for two months at a time.

Correct me if I'm wrong, other expats on Ambergris Caye, but we don't just go to the beach (regularly) to hang out unless there's, like, a beach party or something social going on - AmIright?

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Love from Greece and Vietnam

Do you guys remember my friend, Bob?
Bob used to live here in Belize - first in San Pedro, where we met, and then over in Belmopan, where we used to hang out pretty regularly. (I've mentioned him in many posts - he was my buddy)

Anyway - Bob left Belize a few months ago and is now enjoying his retirement by traveling the world! 
Here's where he's been so far:

"Left New York April 2, Arrived Turkey and left April 3, Arrived Morocco April 3. This entire leg was by plane. Toured Morocco by Train and bus and left by boat to Spain on April 14. Arrived Spain April 15. Took a day trip walk around Gibraltar and then back to Spain. Toured Spain by Bullet train, slow train, bus and subway (Metro) and left by ferry to Italy on April 21. Arrived Italy April 22 and toured Italy by train and city bus and left by ferry to Greece on April 29. Arrived Greece April 30 by ferry and took Ferry out of Athens to Greek Cyclades and 23 ferries, 18 islands 86 days later, I am in Crete. Cities visited New York Istanbul Casablanca Marrakesh Chefchaouen Tangier Algeseris (Spain) Gibraltar City Barcelona Genoa Pisa Florence Patros (Greece) And a whole bunch of towns on various islands Saturday, July 26, I am flying to Cyprus, then on to Bahrain, India, Nepal etc.

Aaaarrrg - how awesome is that?!?!
Bob clearly doesn't love me enough to take me traveling with him (hmph) but he does love me enough to surprise me with postcards to make me jealous!

Zakynthos - "Zakynthos or Zante is a Greek island in the Ionian Sea. It is the third largest of the Ionian Islands. Zakynthos is a separate regional unit of the Ionian Islands region, and its only municipality" (wikipedia)

Looks like cats are pretty popular in Greece.... Here's a blog about it from advocacy.briannica

I thought, maybe, that they were considered royalty at one time - like, how the Egyptians worshiped them, ya know? But, no - couldn't find anything that states that that is the case...they're just... there.

Milos - Sarakiniko - "This beach is one of the most beautiful beaches of Milos and surely the most particular one. It is located along the coastal road east of Adamas, north-east of Milos. It is the most photographed spot of the island. Its particular landscape is very impressive and surely unforgettable: long horizontal rocks bent over the sea; those rocks are eroded by time and salt water, and have small and huge hollows all over them. The entire landscape formed by the volcanic rocks doesn't show any signs of vegetation and is coloured entirely in a bright white, which makes an interesting contrast with the deep blue and turquoise of the surrounding waters. This amazing scenery gives one the impression of standing on the surface of the moon Source:"

The stamps:

Another surprise at the post office yesterday were two postcards from someone in Vietnam - remember when I used to participate in a postcard exchange? I collected hundreds of postcards from around the got to the point where I finally had to stop the exchange because my collection was just madness and, when you move around as much as I do, you don't want to be lugging around a 10 pound envelope full of post cards from people you've never met every time you need to pack up and go.

Still, every once in a while, I get a surprise card from someone who really wants to add a Belize postcard to their collection. (I feel kind of bad - I haven't been reciprocating for almost a year)

One of my many, many ideas a while back was to start making my own postcards... I mentioned it in my most popular post, Sex sells, Eh? and got a lot of positive feedback - but I never found any professional photographers here that were willing to work with me on the project (plenty of guys with cameras who were more than happy to offer their assistance, but no professionals)
I think it mostly came down to money - which is so crappy. Learn how to barter, people.

Oh, wait, that's not totally true - I did have one professional guy (sent me a link to his website) inquire about my idea - but he eventually ended up telling me that he only works with non-tattooed models. (are you effing kidding me??) and that, when he moves here, he might steal my idea. That was nice.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Barefoot Massage

With lots of time to kill since the sailing season is slowing down - I decided to get back into the one thing I know I'm good at- deep tissue massage therapy.

Prices are listed on my Facebook page at Barefoot Massage
Discounts available for San Pedro residents, referrals, and regularly scheduled clients.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Saving Lives - it's what I do

Since I've moved into my new home, about 6 weeks or so ago, my cats have killed close to a million geckos. (Just an estimation)

I decided, today, that I need to start saving them when I see the massacre about to happen.

This is the first gecko that owes me his life:

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Weeks and Weeks of Time to Kill

Anyone in the world can answer this question for me - if you're not working, if you don't have kids, if you have no daily responsibilities, what is it that you DO all day??
Seriously - I want to know.

It was back in January that I posted a blog called Blog? What Blog? and tried to explain why I'm not posting nearly as often as I used to (boredom) and, with weeks off from work again, I'm back in that same situation. 

I would love to spend this time off working on my blog - I'd love a reason to find an actual web designer to help me make it feel more "real" and actually start giving it more attention - but ... I really don't do anything blog worthy any more. It's kind of a bummer. (Did you notice, though, that I finally added links to Pintrest and Facebook and all that fun stuff?!)

I've been told that people like the simple blog posts that are just about my daily life - and I can see how that would have been true when I still lived in the jungle - but I can't see how anyone would want to read about how I wake up, watch a few hours of Dr. Phil reruns, do a bit of yoga, message Kathy randomly throughout the day, possibly take Luna out for a long walk, go to town if I have errands to run, and wait for dinner time so I can either cook or go out to get something to eat. 

Having Kathy and Jo Ellen here was awesome - exhausting because, like being at work, I was basically "entertaining" people 24/7 for a week straight, and for an introvert, omg that takes a lot out of you - but it was awesome because I actually went out and did stuff that I normally wouldn't do on my own. And, obviously, I got to hang out with real, actual friends and not just island acquaintances - so that was awesome in itself. 
And, uh, speaking of Kathy and Jo being here, only 74 people have read that post so far and... I'm not gonna lie, I'm a little insulted. When I have something to blog about - you better read it, damnit!! 
(I say the same thing when people interrupt me when I'm talking - "Ya know, I don't speak much, so when I DO have something to say, you should really STFU and listen.") 

HERE IS THE LINK - go read it.

I try to remember what I used to do when I lived in the States and had free time - but I guess I never really had much because I always worked two or three jobs and the most time I'd have off was a day or two unless I took a week off to actually go on a vacation... 

I used to paint.... I'd love to do that again sometimes. All my paints, brushes, and canvasses are in a box at my parents house, though. 
I used to go out and play disc golf with my friends... the only disc golf course I've seen in Belize was on the Hummingbird Highway not too far outside of Dangriga - that's not exactly a day trip from San Pedro unless you have money to fly there and back...
I used to go to shows and concerts.... those bands don't come here

I love my free time - I value my free time - I really, really do - and I wouldn't even say I'm bored most days - I just have nothing to blog about, and that's the "problem" I'm having, I guess.

Maybe it's time to start thinking about moving back to the mainland... as long as I'm able to get to the marina by 9am on days that my charters start, it doesn't really matter where I live, and there are so many more things to do there... Maybe Hopkins? I need to get back there for a visit...

While I ponder my life and options - here are some pretty pictures from my beautiful, peaceful, relaxing, un-blogworthy past few weeks at home...


Asian Lobster Lettuce Wrap with a spicey peanut sauce 

Lobster slaw on a crispy wonton

Good sized day time crowd - I've only done Lobsterfest at night before and it's a totally different scene after 9pm

Glowy things and stuffed animals on sticks 
Win a dolla, lose a dolla


What are these? Orchids?

They grow off of those long vines coming out of the tree

walking north

still walking

This never, EVER gets old - the water here is just.... friggin perfect

the day I got my dreads torn apart, waxed and threaded

Poquito hiding in the trees

Sushi from Blue Water Grill
Luna's day out

she loves to swim and chase coconuts

look at that FACE!

Grande and Poquito napping it up

What the sunrise looks like from my bedroom window

Island Time Brewery's Blonde Ale at Lola's pub - with a shot of Jameson and a pickle back

The first snake I've seen on the island - at AkBol

Nice view at AkBol with a storm coming from outside the reef

The big bird my cats drug in from the mangroves and tried to murder in the house. (I got him out - I like to think he's fine, but it's possible that he went and had a heart attack soon after being saved)

I worked at Luna Loca one night for their Chaos by the Sea Paint Party:

It was the night before the Super Moon

The bar had to be wrapped in plastic

The crowd all wore white - it reminded me of a GWAR concert (except that at a GWAR show the crowd gets sprayed with fake blood, cum, and piss- and they mosh instead of dance)

I didn't get any good pictures of the aftermath - but they were all soaked in paint by the end of the night. I somehow managed to stay fairly paint-free.

Just last week, I made my Telenovela debut on our islands first soap opera - La Isla Bonita (I was just an extra - I played a tourist getting on a boat!)

Filming that day was done at Victoria House:

Cori and Kainie bringing the essentials - water, soda, and rum 

It's kind of pretty here - you don't see a lot of grass around.

The infinity pool

View from the restaurant

Spelling errors at luxury resorts that charge $8bz for local beer annoy the crap out of me

The actors rehearsing lines and getting their make up done 

Another actress getting into character

I was told that there will be a red carpet even at the Paradise movie theater on July 25th - I expect to be bombarded with autograph requests soon after the showing.