Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Ooooh, yeah - I did Touristy Stuff!

I was just loading pictures onto my laptop, which reminded me that I should really get myself an external hard drive, and that Kathy and Jo Ellen were here - so I actually went out and did stuff a few weeks ago!

Here are some pictures to prove it...

One of our first stops, and one of my favorite places here, was Jolly Rogers, where we drank beers and ate chocolates..


We stopped by The Office for just a hot minute - I thought these dark clouds just above the sunset were cool - 

I insisted on taking them up to Rojo Lounge one afternoon for my favorite lunch - the Kale Salad

We rented a golf cart for the week because I had one spot in mind that we needed to go to - the best beach on the entire island - way, way up north, and definitely not within walking distance.

Kathy was very excited when she found my bandana that she thought was lost at sea... and then she lost it again.

Pirate's Treasure (no website??) isn't far from my house, so we went there a few times. Probably too many times...I'm pretty sure we just about emptied their jar of Cherry Bombs (cherries soaked in rum) and I fell in love with their Lionfish cakes - Seriously, everyone needs to stop by Pirate's and eat some Lionfish - they have multiple recipes and we need to support the killing of those evil (but pretty) fishies.

(How about a Lionfish festival instead of a Lobsterfest, San Pedro?!?!)


We spent one afternoon over at Caye Caulker... I slept pretty much the entire time we were there... it might have been my idea to do a shot of tequila before we caught the water taxi, so all photos there were taken by Jo Ellen:

I don't remember this.... must've been either right before, or right after my nap

I learned something new about Jo Ellen while she was here - the girl had never been fishing or snorkeling before! Ever!!
Obviously, we had to change that...

We went out with Biggs for fishing, snorkeling, and a beach BBQ!

***Side note - Biggs rescued two tourists one June 24th and had major damage done to his boat in the process. If you care to show your thanks and support, help him recover his losses and get his boat back in the water by donating HERE.

That's Biggs, and Wayne, fixing his shorts 

Jo Ellen's first fish!!! It was a tiny guy, but they progressed in size as the day went on

Pretty conch that Biggs picked up

The beach BBQ cooking spot (photo by Jo)

Photo by Jo

We were all kind of obsessed with this sweet dog that lives on the property

Such a sweet little guy! I named him Eyebrows (because I LOVE these potlickers with the eyebrows!) but ended up changing it to Browser so people (and other dogs) wouldn't make fun of him.

Not a bad spot for lunch, eh? (Photo by Jo)

I'm surprised that I don't have more pictures of their time here - I was clearly slacking off for some reason.
I know we didn't do a lot of nights out in town (probably because we did a lot of day drinking....) but we did take a few night time golf cart selfies, had a drunken night at Wahoo's, checked out the Chicken Drop for a hot minute, had an over priced round of drinks at Fido's, and we went out for sushi dinner at Blue Water Grill.

Our last day on the island was spent at my house for a housewarming/birthday party 

                  The birthday girl

Matt clearly doesn't know how party hats work... 

These guys do, though. And the lady in the back got it right, too.

No party is complete until you fly a kite from the roof and then someone (Matt) has to climb through the mangroves to fetch it once it falls. 

For Kathy and Jo's last full day in Belize, we went and did some mainland stuff - cavetubing, the Belize Zoo, and The Princess Hotel and Casino. We had an awesome tour guide named Sandra - she gave us a great tour of the city while we made our way to the bank, and she carried our beer for us when we went cave tubing. We love her.

Jo Ellen coming through with the pics again

I was very, very cold in the air conditioned car

                                                             everyone loves rental shoes

A 45 minute walk with three river crossings to get to the starting point

Got my sexy, rented crocs, everyone's stuff in a plastic bag, and my beer- all ready to float down the river

When we were finished cave tubing, we realized that our car had a flat tire, so we stood around looking supportive as four or five guys worked on changing it for us.

This was just a random car in the parking lot that I noticed while waiting for our tire to be ready. 

And this is our sexy ride, complete with donut wheel. 

I don't have a crazy amount of pictures from the zoo - but I've blogged about it before so, if you feel like it, check out The Belize Zoo- so much cooler than I expected and The Belize Zoo part 2

Here's what I did get this time:

I friggin LOVE tapirs

Since I was such a slacker with the picture taking, like we've already discussed, I have no pictures of the Princess Hotel and Casino. I also don't really have anything nice to say about it...
The only thing I'll complain publicly about was how hard it was to get a drink once the main bar and restaurant closed.
To get a drink in the casino you have to wait to be served. That would have been fine if any of the servers had offered us a drink or paid any attention to us at all for the 45 minutes we were in there waiting.
To get a drink in the club, you had to pay a $20 cover to get in - seriously?? We wanted one, maybe two beers each to take back up to the room and they wouldn't let us go in and get them - it was obvious that we weren't there to "go clubbin," - every other girl there was wearing a tight dress that barely went lower than her ass and 6 inch heels - we were wearing, basically, our pajamas.
It's possible that I wasn't even wearing shoes.
So yeah, we refused to pay $60 to be in there for less than five minutes and didn't get any beer :(

The only good things were that my friend got us a discount on the room, and Jo Ellen had a win on the slot machines

To make up for my rant about the Princess - I have a super awesome story to share...

So, one day, we had gone for a drive and stopped at the Palapa Bar, Captain Morgan's, the beach up north, Captain Morgan's again (where we played trivia and Kathy went swimming - but she doesn't remember any of it) and then went into town and stopped at friends house for a bit, and then Wahoo's.
The next morning, my wallet was missing and I was freaking out a bit - imy bank cards, my passport, social security card - everything, all gone.

I went to the police station first and the woman I talked to seemed really, really confused about why I was telling her that I lost my wallet.
The conversation went something like this:

Me - Hi, umm... I lost my wallet somewhere last night, it has my passport and stuff in it - I was just wondering if anyone's turned it in.
Police Officer -....No.
Me - Ok... Well... Um... Can I leave my name and number just in case someone does turn it in?
Police Officer - Ummm..... ok.
So I wrote it down, on a random scrap piece of paper, which she probably threw right in the trash can.

Anyway -  we leave there and we're heading down middle street, on my way to the bank to cancel my card, then to immigration to report my passport missing, and then to Wahoo's which is where I thought I possibly may have left it. (they weren't open that early or I would have gone there first)
I'm driving past Atlantic Bank and some Rasta guy yells out to me - "Hey! I have something of yours."

I knew exactly what he was talking about, obviously, so I pulled over and he told me that he had found it on the road near Pirate's Treasure - all my stuff was out of it but still next to it - and that his girlfriend recognized me from one of my IDs!

I met up with him a few hours later, and got everything back!

Let that be a lesson the ladies who bounce around in golf carts - make sure your purse is either zipped, buttoned, or tied shut and in a safe spot - I'm pretty sure I must have lost mine when Kathy floored it over the speed rope and everything just went flying out of my bag :)

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