Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Welcome to Home #9

So, yeah - I'm on my NINTH home in the three+ years that I've been living in Belize... 

Home number one was a hotel for a month, then I moved to a place that I could no longer afford once my roommate moved back to the States. Home number three was a decent apartment that I left when I moved over to the mainland to live with my husband in home number four. 
Home number five was a guest room that someone down south on Ambergris Caye generously let me stay in for five months before I moved into a crappy place in San Pedrito for a bit. 
Home seven was my Love Shack at the Barrel Bar, and home eight was a very short stay at Reef Village. 

I only get two months here at home number nine - and it's so cute and *almost* perfect, I wish I could stay longer...

I'm really hoping that I can stay in home number ten for at least a year or so, this moving around business is getting old. 


  1. dont know if I could do it.. good luck in your 10th search

  2. The new place is adorable -- sure wish you could stay there longer than two months!