Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Cooking Without a Kitchen - Beach BBQ Style

I don't want to jinx myself, but it *sounds like* I get to stay in home number nine for longer than originally planned (so stoked!!)

The only thing that isn't cool about it, though, is that it has no kitchen...
It has space for a little kitchen area - I do have a small refrigerator, I have a coffee maker, there's room to add a sink, and I can totally go out and buy an electric stove top range..  but for now, I have no kitchen.

No worries, though! Luckily, I hang out with someone who can cook up a bangin' beach barbecue..

Step 1
Peel and de-poop shrimp. Marinade chicken breast. Cut up barracuda fillets, peppers, onions, tomatoes, potatoes, garlic. Remove husk from corn on the cob.
Seal everything (except chicken and corn) in tin foil packages.

Step 2
Go look for coconut husks, dried out leaves and other things for your fire. Stay on the beach taking pictures of pretty flowers and lizard tracks while di man go into the bush looking for necessities.

Interesting flowers (haven't figured out what they are yet) just growing wild on the beach

  The beach is striped with lizard tracks

Di man, dealing with mosquitoes and looking for husks

Step 3
Make a grill using two cinder blocks and a borrowed grilling surface. Get the fire going, lay down packages of potatoes, barracuda with veggies, and shrimp with veggies and scream like a little girl when a scorpion runs out of the fire and towards your feet

               Gets the job DONE

            They still freak me out 

Step 4
Throw the chicken on the grill once everything else has cooked for a while, then the corn and tortillas. Take random pictures of the cats and the yard while waiting for dinner to finish up. 


Step 5
Eat delicious food that tastes better than anything you can go out and buy in town



  1. Happy to hear that you'll be able to stay in your cute abode a bit longer. That BBQ looks fab!