Thursday, September 11, 2014

Nicaragua - Part 1 - Managua, León, Isla Los Brasiles

I feel bad for not visiting friends and family in the States this year, but I totally blame Belize's flight prices for my decision. A round trip ticket back to Philly would've cost me over $800 - a round trip ticket to Managua, Nicaragua only cost me $495.... So, here I am, and here's what I've been doing for the past 5 days:

The first night was spent at a private home in Managua, not far from the airport. A friend of a friend sent his driver, Edmundo, to pick me and Kathy up and take us to his home where his maid was waiting for us. (The kindness of strangers always amazes me) 
We didn't get there until around 10:30pm, were in bed by midnight (only so the maid could go to sleep) and then were picked up again by his driver by 6am. Edmundo brought his brother along so we could try to communicate better since we no habla espanol. 

The ride was only about an hour or so long to get to Leon and they let is stop to take some pictures of Lake Managua and a volcano called Momotombo.

We met our second driver, Gersen, in front of the largest cathedral in Central America - the Cathedral of León. 

We had about a 20-25 minute ride from there to a coastal town called Poneloya, where we then took a canoe over to a small motor boat, and then to a cart lead by a donkey over the The Surfing Turtle Lodge on Isla Los Brasiles. 

This place, and it's staff, were super awesome - totally secluded, off the grid, and run by solar power - it's a great place to do some surfing (if you're experienced) or just chill out in a hammock. They also have super friendly dogs and cats around that will totally come into your room and snuggle with you, if you allow it 

We got there around 8:30am and started drinking beer while waiting to check in to our semi-private room. By 9:45 we were having shots of tequila.... and we kept going until about 4pm. We finally put our things away, got changed, and then convinced our bartender, Anna, to go back over to Poneloya to drink at a bar there. 

Here's what we look like after about 9 straight hours of drinking - I don't know how my headband got all inside out and backwards, but check out these smiles!

We stayed over there until after dark and missed the last donkey ride over to the lodge so we had to walk after taking the canoe across and, of course, I wasn't wearing shoes, so I ended up stepping on something and having to hobble the rest of the way. 
We continued drinking until about 8pm and then quietly snuck away and went to our room to pass out. 

The following day was obviously a recovery day, even though we were, surprisingly, not very hung over. (We are CHAMPS) 
We asked if we had become obnoxious or annoying and were told that we handled ourselves incredibly well and just got more and more giggly as the night went on. (Anyone that knows us knows how completely accurate that sounds)

We caught a great sunset that night - 

Our last morning there was spent having a few more beers and one more shot of tequila, and taking a few pictures before heading out

We went back over to the bar in Ponteloya and waited for Gersen to pick us up, and that's where my next blog will pick up from. I feel like we've done LOTS more in the past two days - now I just have to go through all my pictures and decide which ones I'm sharing with you. 

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  1. Your pictures are beautiful and really show what a Nicaragua vacation is all about! If I ever get to go there someday I'll be sure to go horseback riding like you did.