Thursday, October 16, 2014

Mellow Days and Why I'm Afraid of Tourists

There's reeeeaaaally not much going on in my life at the moment - things are pretty mellow, pretty quiet.  I've been down to town a few times since bringing Ginger home last Friday, but there isn't a whole lot going on down there, either.

I went to the Palapa Bar on Tuesday afternoon to meet up with my x-husband's first x-wife for a few drinks. She was there with one of my friends from back home's husband's x-wife (did you follow that?) and my people (Cori, Kainie, Keith and Wayne) came out to play, too...

                 Ginger !!!

We stopped at Jolly Rogers after that, which now has new owners and is called Tengo Cocos (I have coconuts) We weren't there long, but it seems ok... I'm pretty sure the drink prices went up, which is a bummer, but I'll probably check it out again.
We all parted ways in town and it was really, really quiet. The busiest establishment I saw, for example, was an outdoor church back by the lagoon.. 

If you don't feel like churching it up, I hear Legends Burger House is still the place to go on Tuesday nights, and it'll only get better as the road gets paved and busy season picks up.... which brings me to Ebola.
Ok- I don't care how it started - whether it comes from bats or apes or other African critters, or the Red Cross purposely infected people  - none of that really matters now, right? What matters is that it seems to be spreading somehow, right?
And if it's true that there is a case of Ebola in Guatemala City, then I'm a tiny bit concerned about it hitting Belize... All it would take is one tourist who was exposed unknowingly on the flight to show up here on the island....
Just sayin'

Hopefully it's just another big media scare to distract us from something truly evil that's going on... like the government taking away more of our rights or something totally normal and common like that.

So, yeah, other than reading just about every article with an Ebola headline that pops up in my Facebook feed and hanging out with friends a few times... there's just not much going on.

I lost one of my cats... Poquito took off a few days after Ginger got here and I'm hoping she found herself a nice, new, dog-free family to adopt until she feels like coming back here to see if it's safe.
Grande is still around, and I get to hang out with my neighbor's big-headed dog when he sneaks over to say hi...

  She supervises the laundry process

 Prince - aka: Big Head, Big Feet, Dumbo, or Cheech

                      Where I spend most of my time these days...

Oh, by the way, if you aren't afraid of catching the Ebola while traveling and you need a 12 room rental for a wedding group, dive group, family reunion, yoga retreat, or any other group island excursion, let me know - this is a great location and reasonably priced.

Please feel free to leave your opinions about Ebola to freak me out. 


  1. just don't swap bodily fluids with anyone you can't determine is Ebola free man... you got too much time on your hands. we call it cabin fever... might you call it ??? what? gettin' paranoid you are. I think that road north kinda bums me out. I like being all drunk and bouncing down that thing back to town from... well where ever up there... Palapas.. GC.... how far north are you staying? Brent

  2. Don't worry about a deadly African disease. The Muslim Marxist says everything will be okay and we only have two more years until he is gone.