Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The Doggy Dilemma

 So, there's this dog.... He belongs to my neighbor and, up until about two weeks ago, this poor guy was constantly tied up on their verandah, 24/7. (again, if you liked me on Facebook you would already know this part)

There's a long story about what's been going on with him lately, but none of that really matters, so I'm just going to jump right to what's going on now. 

THIS is what's going on right now:
He's chilling at my house... For the past four days. 

His name is Prince, I mentioned him in my Mellow Days and Why I'm Afraid of Tourists post, and I think he has adopted me. 
He sleeps in my house during the day, outside by the door at night, follows me to the dock every time I catch a water taxi, and then comes back to my house and waits for me to come home. I love him.

The neighbor doesn't seem to care, either. I heard from someone else who lives on our property that he (the neighbor) doesn't want Prince anymore and is planning on giving him to a family in San Pedro.. but I really think he might be my dog now.
I really have to talk to the neighbor soon - if he IS my dog, I need to start looking for a way to get him to SAGA at 9am Saturday morning to get neutered, and his name will be Cheech (he doesn't seem to recognize "Prince, so no biggie) 

So - the dilemma...
I think both cats have ditched me because of the dog situations recently., and I'm really, really upset about it.
Poquito left three days into Ginger's stay with us, and Grande never came home last night. The cats are clearly pissed, and the only way to find out if they'll come back is to get rid of Cheech and see if they show up. I'm pretty sure if they come near the house and see a dog, they'll go the other way and I have to believe that they honestly just ran away.... otherwise, something killed them - and I can't deal with that.

The other dilemma is that I've been off from work for almost 2 months now, and I don't go  back for another 2+ weeks - so there's no extra money laying around for me to buy dog bowls and food, a harness and leash, flea shampoo and a flea collar - like, I just can't afford a dog at this exact moment in my life.
When I DO go back to work, I leave for at least a week at a time - right now i have someone around who can watch pets for me while I'm away, but what happens if i don't have that person around any more? Then I have to either pay someone to stay at my house with him while I'm gone, or pay to have him stay at Pampered Paws - which he would probably like, but come on now... there are extra expenses that come along with having a big dog, and I'm not ready!

He also farts in his sleep and it smells soooo bad.

I don't know what to do - who wants to step up and be my decision maker today?


  1. Hey Carrie,

    My vote goes to the kitties, give them a chance to reclaim their home. If there is a family that would adopt Cheech then you can always visit.

    Say, I read your post about the San Lucas trip in Costa Rica and was just as curious as you so I got that book and read it the day it arrived. I was touched by the story and the questions about the dungeon are answered in the first hour of reading, pretty sad story though. I'll be in SP Nov 1st, if you would like to have the book it's yours.

    No worries, I have a daughter your age and no strings.

    1. I'm going out on a search and rescue mission for the kitties later this morning - I hope I hear a little "meow" coming from the bushes somewhere nearby.. I'm still undecided about the dog for now. He clearly loves it here and I give him more attention than his "real" owner.. I guess, once I get the "ok" from my neighbor to take him, I can start asking around to see if anyone is in the market for a sweet bulldog, but I see people trying to re-home their pets here all the time and it doesn't look very promising.
      I can't believe you got that book!! I only saw copies online for, like, over $100! That's crazy. I would LOVE to read it. Where are you staying in SP?

  2. I'll be staying at the Palms. Most mornings I'll be at Estelle's for fry jacks. I got the book for less than half that crazy price.

    Not sure if you received more than one of these responses but I didn't see it come up.

    1. Nice! I'm living way up north now but i'm sure I'll be able to pop down town to say hi and steal your book :)