Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Puppy Love and New Tattoos

I'm starting to feel really bad about bringing Cheech to Saga.
I know he's already much healthier, but the guy is now locked up in his cement prison cell for I don't even know how many hours a day, and I've had no luck in finding him a new home. 

I went to see him on Sunday... 

He was super excited when he was allowed to come out in the yard to see me... but his freedom didn't last long. Sadly, I think he's becoming more aggressive in his new surroundings - he kept running up to the other dogs, who were locked in their cages, and starting shit with them, so he had to go back to his cage after just a few minutes. 

He still looks happy, but he really needs to get out of there.

I need to go see him again on Thursday (today)- I've had a lot of distractions so far this week, so it's been three days since my last visit.

One of the distractions was that Beto is in town doing tattoos... 

This is Kainie throwing a nervous giggle fit before having the memorial tattoo for her father inked onto her foot. (the video is even better)

Cori, blowing out the pain, while Kainie laughs behind her.

And - for the first time ever - I got to GIVE a tattoo (Beto is a brave, brave man)

I'd need about 100 more hours of practice and many more brave people to practice on if I'd ever want to get decent at it...

I'm sure it won't make my mom happy, but I did collect another tattoo this week (I had to, mom, it was an early Christmas present)

An anchor - to represent my time working on boats.

If you had to get a tattoo to symbolize your job, what would it be?


  1. Tequila shot with some hot sauce in it and a lime

    1. that sounds yummy.... and like a very unique tattoo ;)

  2. I would never get one to symbolize my job...I worked as a software engineer for my career in the telecom industry, so I guess it would have to be a phone, And I don't mean a cell phone -- a landline phone. But I don't even like phones, go figure! Instead, I'd get a bicycle since cycling is one of my main passions. Or a cool bird, or a flower. But I have no plans to get an actual tattoo since I am probably your mom's age! ;-)

    1. And I am very sorry about Cheech. Poor guy! At least he's healthier now, but he really needs a good forever home and outta that cage. Glad you're able to visit him, at least. I know that brings him puppy joy!

    2. Happy New Year, Emily!
      I miss Cheech!! I have two more days until I can get there to take him for a walk and see his sweet face!

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  4. glad to hear cheech is doing well since the last blog but I don’t think the tatoo was a brilliant idea thanks for sharing such an awesome blog keep up the good job