Thursday, January 1, 2015

Disappointing End of 2014 (Updated)

It was pretty disappointing to find out that my bike was stolen from right outside my house - which is in a fenced in area with four other house - and the screen to my bathroom window was cut while I was working on New Years Eve

It was dumb of me to leave my bike unlocked, yes, but crime is getting worse here on the island - like, really bad, and  no one seems to be talking about it. 
(Gotta keep raking in those tourist dollars, I know)

Someone also tried to break into a house at Rojo yesterday afternoon - possibly right before my bike was taken. 
A house near Indigo was broken in to. 
Guest rooms at Matachica were robbed a few weeks ago while the people were out at dinner.
There have definitely been gun shots heard. 
A woman picked up a guy who asked her for a ride and he held a knife to her throat and stole her purse when they were in a secluded area. 

Those are just a few of the things I've heard about  in the past few weeks... I'm sure there's even more going on. 

I highly suggest that you adopt a good guard dog (CHEECH) and be extra careful - even though I live less than 200 steps away from where I'm working right now, I'm still getting walked home tonight. 
Whoever cut my screen has most likey been paying attention to when we're all in and out of our houses - who knows if it's someone crazy enough to try to grab my wallet or something if I'm by myself. 

  Adopt your loyal guard dog from Saga

I'm updating this post with some crime info from the Belize Police Department that I saw the day after I wrote this - here's the Belize Police Department registers increase in crime-2014

And I'm also adding the fact that there's someone who's a shit talker and tells my landlord things I say/write, but they get the info wrong when they speak to him. (like telling him I hate it here and I want to move - SO UNTRUE)
To the shit talker - if you read into this enough you SHOULD be able to see that this entire post isn't really about me being upset that my bike was taken or that my screen was cut.... it's a sneaky way to pimp out Cheech again ;)


  1. So sorry, Carrie! It is really disappointing to hear how bad crime has gotten on the island -- I thought it was bad enough while we were there (mid-2011 to early 2013), but I read in the San Pedro Sun that 2014 was even worse. At some point it really will start affecting tourism on the island, which is the lifeblood of Ambergris Caye. I'm surprised it hasn't already, to be honest. Still hoping Cheech will find a very good home very early in the new year. Sounds like someone could really use his skills! And hoping you have a better 2015!

    1. You're right, Emily - once to tourists get wind of how bad it is here, they're going to find another, nicer island to go to. There are plenty to choose from!
      Fingers still crossed for Cheech - I haven't seen him all week and now I won't get a chance until Tuesday - I'm SO UPSET about it. Hope he still remembers me...