Thursday, January 8, 2015

Yay, Ow, and WTF

I've gotta say, I've been pretty damn lucky when it comes to recovering things that I've either lost or had stolen in the past year or so:
I found one out of two missing cats, the wallet with my passport and debit cards and all that important stuff, and now - my bike! 


was in town on Sunday night and my friend wanted to go grab some take out from Cindy's fast food, so we walked over and - BOOM - there was my bike, just sitting outside! 
Of course, no one manned up and claimed the bike as theirs, since I loudly stated, "THIS IS MY BIKE," as soon as I saw it, so I took it back. 
It's now safely back at home, locked up.

Tuesday wasn't a very lucky day, in comparison. 
I woke up later than I had wanted to, I missed the water taxi that I planned on taking to get me to see Cheech, aaaaand I stepped on a friggin "killer bee" on the beach. What the hell was a killer bee doing lounging on the beach?? 

I guess I can consider it "lucky" that there was only one of them - in a swarm, those things can easily take down and kill a dog, or even a horse, as my friend Tanya sadly found out a few years ago. 

So the sting itself didn't really hurt - I thought I had just stepped on a piece of glass or something at first, but when I looked at it, the bee was still attached.
It kind of burned for a few minutes, but by the time I was finished my This-day-sucks pity beer, it was fine. 
Screw the water taxi, I had my bike back, so I rode to town instead and ran some errands before trying to see Cheech - which didn't happen, but we're fast forwarding to Wednesday because none of that is super important.

So, Wednesday- I took care of some things at home in the morning (have you booked your massage with me yet??) then I rode down to town, saw a few people, did a few things, and finally got to see Cheech. 
We went for a jog on the beach - first to Crazy Canucks so I could try to convince my friend Ken to adopt him (stop being stubborn, Ken!!!) and then the other direction to Ramones. We went to the end of one of the docks before I had to get him back to Saga and I gave him the bacon egg and cheese Johnny cake and bottle of water I brought for him. 
It wasn't a very long date, but I think it was a good one. 

Anyway - the point of this is that through all of this stuff - the 10-20 miles of riding my bike back and forth to town, the jog on the beach with Cheech, the miscellaneous walking around here and there - through all of it, I had absolutely no problem with my foot.
It wasn't until I was home for the night and I took a shower that this bee sting started to start giving me shit. 

   I usually have cute feet - this is gross 

A day and a half after the sting, my foot is now swollen up to the ankle, bruised near the big toe, red and hot - 

The black stuff you see in the picture is Ishthammol, or black drawing salve.
My "Wtf?!" moment of this post is this spelling error on the bottle.... 

You see it, right? 

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  1. OMG...that's a terrible spelling mistake! I really feel for you on the bee sting. I swell up like that too, and it is no fun. Especially on your foot or hand, which you need and use all the time. GLAD you found your bike, though, and hope your friend comes to his senses and adopts Cheech!