Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Two Super Short Reviews

It's insane, to me, how expensive "good" toilet paper is here- like $12bz for a 4 pack of Charmin (that's an estimation, I know it's over $10 and varies from store to store.)
This is a basic human need - and don't EVEN get me started on tampons!!! Those should be free in the entire world unless you want us to sit in a hole for 3-7 days a month. 

Anyway - this is my new favorite toilet paper on the island - Domestix Basic Bath Tissue. 

It's only $4.95bz at Caye Mart, it's "septic safe," AND it doesn't fall apart in your vag like Rose's or the other super cheap brands. 
(If you live on an island, this is kind of a big deal)

My other super short review is of Harry's Burgers in Front Street, right across from Fido's and the liquor store. 

I have heard NOTHING but good things about their food, so I stopped in to try a breakfast bagel (well done bacon, scrambled eggs, cheddar cheese) ... My bagel was burnt so badly that that's ALL I could taste -just "burnt."
Other than that, I think it would have been super tasty, and it was only $7bz, so I can't complain TOO much. 

What's your tp of choice, and where do you think the best, cheap breakfast on the island is?? 

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Enjoy it While it Lasts

I've been home (from work) since January 7th - which sucks because I've been out of money since February 10th and I can't afford to work this infrequently - BUT, at the same time, I value my free time more than money, so it's been totally sweet to have so much time to myself. 
(If I didn't need to pay rent or eat food, I'd be SET!)

My off time is dwindling down, though - in six more days I'll be back on the boat, waking up to an alarm clock, putting other people's needs and wants before my own, missing out on afternoon naps, and not getting any animal love since my boss won't let me have a boat dog. Or a boat cat. I asked. 

So, with that in mind, I enjoyed a stroll down the beach yesterday- from Sundiver Beach Resort to Belizean Shores, where my bike was waiting for me. 

I love this stretch of road because of the shade - it was HOT while I was walking!

I do NOT love all the sargassum that's still washing up - it stinks when it starts to rot. So gross. 

       Birds seem to enjoy it, though 

I passed by a wedding photo shoot - not sure who the photographer is here, but if you know him and want to let him know I snapped some shots of him at work and threw him in my blog, go for it: 

  The sea grass is .... A nice touch? 

I'd be worried about crabs biting my toes 

Once I picked up my bike, I rode a bit further south and went to hang out with my big-headed, furry boyfriend - Mr Cheech

He loves chasing lizards - this isn't a good picture, but he was obsessed with something in one of those palm trees

One of the smaller crocs in Cheech's pond

I needed to head home before the sun set since I didn't have a flashlight with me  and it gets crazy dark up north 

Caught a little peak of it on my way home

I know everyone just LOVES the new, paved road going north - but I love it the old way. Sandy roads are charming and lovely- concrete is bad, mmmkay? 

Heading in to that dark hole ahead 

    Heading into the rain - look at that gorgeous, sand road! I never ever ever want to see this section paved - can we PLEASE leave it alone?? 

The rain came - I hid out in a little roadside hut with about 8 construction guys until it passed 

                 Rain heading south 

I dropped my bike off at home and then walked up to Rojo Lounge, getting caught in more rain on my way there, but my friend met me there and bought me dinner, so it was worth the wet dreadlocks, which are still a bit damp this morning :/ 

I already have simple plans for tomorrow, but I want to know what YOU would do if you had six more days off from work, and absolutely no money to spend. 
Keep in mind that, even though it's way warmer here than pretty much anywhere in the States, it's still not "beach weather," so swimming and trying to get a tan are not options. Don't even suggest it. 

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

The Top 5 Reasons (of today) that my BFF Loves Me

You all know Kathy by now - my BFF for the past 22 years, almost. 

This is just a little taste of our daily conversations. Enjoy.

I think this should be a weekly treat, don't you? 

Monday, February 16, 2015

Fiesta de Carnaval - San Pedro 2015

Yesterday kicked off the Comparsas and Painting portion of Carnaval here in San Pedro - which I just happened to stumble upon while I was out 'n about...

The Rules:

The first sign that it's painting day
Shop owners cover their storefronts with tarps and plastic 

And then you see....
People covered in paint

For the Comparsas
People spend months perfecting their costumes and dances

Always a crowd favorite,

The Barbies in Action

The Comparsas and painting continue today and tomorrow, and on Wednesday they do the Burning of Don Juan Carnaval - which I just had to look up on the Ambergris Today website:

"Juan Carnabal was supposedly the name of the man in whose honor el Gran Carnabal de San Pedro was celebrated annually.  On Ash Wednesday, the day after el Carnabal, an effigy of Don Juan was made using a pair of pants and shirt stuffed with seaweed and a coconut for its head.  Don Juan Carnabal was paraded around town on a wheelbarrow or at times on the shoulder of two young men who were in the team that built it and organized a function in his honor. In the night at Central park the Last Will and Testament of Don Juan Carnabal was read to the public. Next week we shall publish a sample of Don Juan’s Last Will and Testament.
Of course, before the reading of the will, there was Don Juan’s re-enactment of his wedding in which a lot of women whom he had let down were crying.  And then after the will, Don Juan was taken to the football field and burned.  It was the superstition that if he was not burnt properly and totally, San Pedro would go through some spells of misfortune, so the village boys very dutifully burned the effigy while the women continued their crying and their mourning.  After this everybody went home and San Pedro was ready to enter into the period of Lent, the period of fasting in preparation for the passion and death of our Lord. San Pedro had celebrated ‘big time’ and was ready for as solemn period."
I"ll be going to town this afternoon for a  lunch date, and I think I've been talked in to going tomorrow, too, for the final day of painting to participate and do a little drinking - so make sure you Follow Me On Instagram for pics! 

Friday, February 13, 2015

Favorite Moments of the Past Two Weeks

The BEST thing that has happened in the past two weeks happened to my buddy, Cheech.
You all know I've been trying to pimp out Cheech to a good home since November - and we finally had someone step up and volunteer to be his foster dad for a while.

I've also been trying to learn some stuff about design lately, so if you want to chime in with an opinion or advice on this one, please do. 

He's living pretty sweet now - he's out of the kennel at SAGA, he has an awesome human who takes care of him, and his house... I'm a little bit jealous of his crib..

This unique property is for sale, message me for contact info

No lie - there are crocs in there. Big ones.

He's so, SO happy there - he just chases lizards and stares into the pond, curious about everything. His new human loves him so I'm hoping they find a way to stay together - they seem to be a really good match. 

Here are the rest of my most recent favorite moments of these past two weeks, in no particular order:

Breakfast at Estel's

                               Nice, cool, beautiful weather

                                    Hangin out with Ginger

                          Lagoon side sunset

                      Fishing day with friends 

                      Plenty of days at Cholo's 

                              Bike rides to town

                 More time spent with this dude

                       Days at my "home base"

                                 Walks up north 

  Seeing the British Military gentlemen at their finest.