Thursday, February 19, 2015

Enjoy it While it Lasts

I've been home (from work) since January 7th - which sucks because I've been out of money since February 10th and I can't afford to work this infrequently - BUT, at the same time, I value my free time more than money, so it's been totally sweet to have so much time to myself. 
(If I didn't need to pay rent or eat food, I'd be SET!)

My off time is dwindling down, though - in six more days I'll be back on the boat, waking up to an alarm clock, putting other people's needs and wants before my own, missing out on afternoon naps, and not getting any animal love since my boss won't let me have a boat dog. Or a boat cat. I asked. 

So, with that in mind, I enjoyed a stroll down the beach yesterday- from Sundiver Beach Resort to Belizean Shores, where my bike was waiting for me. 

I love this stretch of road because of the shade - it was HOT while I was walking!

I do NOT love all the sargassum that's still washing up - it stinks when it starts to rot. So gross. 

       Birds seem to enjoy it, though 

I passed by a wedding photo shoot - not sure who the photographer is here, but if you know him and want to let him know I snapped some shots of him at work and threw him in my blog, go for it: 

  The sea grass is .... A nice touch? 

I'd be worried about crabs biting my toes 

Once I picked up my bike, I rode a bit further south and went to hang out with my big-headed, furry boyfriend - Mr Cheech

He loves chasing lizards - this isn't a good picture, but he was obsessed with something in one of those palm trees

One of the smaller crocs in Cheech's pond

I needed to head home before the sun set since I didn't have a flashlight with me  and it gets crazy dark up north 

Caught a little peak of it on my way home

I know everyone just LOVES the new, paved road going north - but I love it the old way. Sandy roads are charming and lovely- concrete is bad, mmmkay? 

Heading in to that dark hole ahead 

    Heading into the rain - look at that gorgeous, sand road! I never ever ever want to see this section paved - can we PLEASE leave it alone?? 

The rain came - I hid out in a little roadside hut with about 8 construction guys until it passed 

                 Rain heading south 

I dropped my bike off at home and then walked up to Rojo Lounge, getting caught in more rain on my way there, but my friend met me there and bought me dinner, so it was worth the wet dreadlocks, which are still a bit damp this morning :/ 

I already have simple plans for tomorrow, but I want to know what YOU would do if you had six more days off from work, and absolutely no money to spend. 
Keep in mind that, even though it's way warmer here than pretty much anywhere in the States, it's still not "beach weather," so swimming and trying to get a tan are not options. Don't even suggest it. 


  1. I'd wake up early and pack water and a lunch, try and bike up to the northern tip of the island where the reef meets the land. (I tried once and failed but I feel like it's do-able in a day with a little determination) It would be a good work out and fun to explore the uninhabited parts of the island way past those fancy resorts

    1. That's definitely something I'd do... And something I'm surprised I haven't tried yet!
      Maybe that will be my Saturday or Sunday.
      Thanks, Megan :)

  2. I totally agree with you about the sand road. I loved it and found it so charming. I never wanted a paved road, even though I am sure it's better for cycling. As for biking way up north, do be careful. Two bodies were just found in shallow graves 11 miles north of town. Lots of drug activity up there, which is a shame, as it's absolutely gorgeous. But I would NOT go up there alone.

    1. Yeah, I feel like they're always finding dead bodies up north, I did think about that.

      The road is so much nicer for biking and for golf carts, but I still don't like it!! I LOVED when going north meant going on an ADVENTURE!!