Friday, February 13, 2015

Favorite Moments of the Past Two Weeks

The BEST thing that has happened in the past two weeks happened to my buddy, Cheech.
You all know I've been trying to pimp out Cheech to a good home since November - and we finally had someone step up and volunteer to be his foster dad for a while.

I've also been trying to learn some stuff about design lately, so if you want to chime in with an opinion or advice on this one, please do. 

He's living pretty sweet now - he's out of the kennel at SAGA, he has an awesome human who takes care of him, and his house... I'm a little bit jealous of his crib..

This unique property is for sale, message me for contact info

No lie - there are crocs in there. Big ones.

He's so, SO happy there - he just chases lizards and stares into the pond, curious about everything. His new human loves him so I'm hoping they find a way to stay together - they seem to be a really good match. 

Here are the rest of my most recent favorite moments of these past two weeks, in no particular order:

Breakfast at Estel's

                               Nice, cool, beautiful weather

                                    Hangin out with Ginger

                          Lagoon side sunset

                      Fishing day with friends 

                      Plenty of days at Cholo's 

                              Bike rides to town

                 More time spent with this dude

                       Days at my "home base"

                                 Walks up north 

  Seeing the British Military gentlemen at their finest. 


  1. I think the design of your "Cheech" ad is very nicely done. Eye-catching, simple, and clean. SO glad he now has a foster dad, and I know how good a person he is. Nice photos!