Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Two Super Short Reviews

It's insane, to me, how expensive "good" toilet paper is here- like $12bz for a 4 pack of Charmin (that's an estimation, I know it's over $10 and varies from store to store.)
This is a basic human need - and don't EVEN get me started on tampons!!! Those should be free in the entire world unless you want us to sit in a hole for 3-7 days a month. 

Anyway - this is my new favorite toilet paper on the island - Domestix Basic Bath Tissue. 

It's only $4.95bz at Caye Mart, it's "septic safe," AND it doesn't fall apart in your vag like Rose's or the other super cheap brands. 
(If you live on an island, this is kind of a big deal)

My other super short review is of Harry's Burgers in Front Street, right across from Fido's and the liquor store. 

I have heard NOTHING but good things about their food, so I stopped in to try a breakfast bagel (well done bacon, scrambled eggs, cheddar cheese) ... My bagel was burnt so badly that that's ALL I could taste -just "burnt."
Other than that, I think it would have been super tasty, and it was only $7bz, so I can't complain TOO much. 

What's your tp of choice, and where do you think the best, cheap breakfast on the island is?? 

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  1. love your site.looks so friendly and people are so open about themselves. your blogs are good read and have really enjoyed it so far.